10 Powerful Additions To Take Your Discord Server to the Next Level

Discord has become the go-to platform for online communities to connect and communicate with each other. With over 250 million users worldwide, it’s no surprise that Discord has quickly become a hub for gamers, creatives, and communities alike.

However, creating and managing a successful Discord server can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 powerful additions that you can incorporate into your server to take it to the next level. These additions will help you enhance your server’s functionality, organize your members, and engage your community in a whole new way.

From custom emojis and music bots, to automated moderation tools and fun and interactive games, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a seasoned server owner or just starting out, these additions will help you create a vibrant and engaging community that your members will love.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the top 10 powerful additions to take your Discord server to the next level.

Discover New Bots That Can Help You Manage Your Server More Efficiently

Running a Discord server is no easy feat. From managing members to moderating conversations, it can be a lot to handle. Fortunately, there are a number of bots that can help you automate some of these tasks and make your life easier. Here are three bots that are worth checking out:


MEE6 is a moderation bot that can help you keep your server clean and safe. It offers a range of features, including automated moderation, custom commands, and timed messages. With MEE6, you can set up filters to catch spam, links, and profanity, as well as mute or ban users who break the rules. Plus, it integrates with popular services like Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit, so you can keep your community up to date with your latest content.


  • Auto-moderation is one of Dyno’s standout features. It has a range of settings that can be customized to fit your server’s needs, and it can automatically kick or ban users who break the rules.
  • Dyno also has a role-management system that can help you keep track of your members and assign different levels of access. This is especially useful for larger servers where you may need to delegate responsibilities to trusted members.


Tatsumaki is a general-purpose bot that offers a range of features to help you manage your server. It has moderation tools like MEE6 and Dyno, as well as fun features like leveling and achievements. With Tatsumaki, you can create custom commands, set up timed messages, and even play games with your members. Plus, it has a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to set up and customize.

If you’re looking to take your server to the next level, these bots are a great place to start. They can help you automate tasks, keep your members in line, and make your server more engaging and fun. So why not give them a try?

Create Custom Emojis That Your Community Will Love

If you want to make your Discord server stand out, one way to do that is by creating custom emojis that your community will love. Custom emojis add a personal touch to your server and can help to create a unique atmosphere that will keep people coming back.

Creating custom emojis is easy, and there are several tools available that make the process a breeze. With a little bit of creativity, you can create emojis that reflect the personality of your server and its members. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Use an Emoji Maker

If you don’t have any design experience, an emoji maker is an excellent tool to use. There are several online emoji makers available that allow you to create custom emojis quickly and easily. Simply select the design you want, customize it to your liking, and download it to your computer.

Consider Your Server’s Personality

When creating custom emojis, it’s essential to consider your server’s personality. Think about the tone of your server and the types of conversations that take place. Use this information to guide your design choices and create emojis that reflect your community’s interests and style.

Get Feedback from Your Community

Once you’ve created a few custom emojis, it’s a good idea to get feedback from your community. Ask your members which emojis they like the most and which ones they feel could be improved. This feedback can help you to refine your designs and create even better custom emojis in the future.

Custom emojis are an excellent way to add a personal touch to your Discord server and create a sense of community among your members. With a little bit of creativity and the right tools, you can create emojis that your community will love and that will help to make your server stand out from the rest.

Add Music Bots to Enhance Your Voice Channels and Keep Members Entertained

If you’re looking for a way to keep your Discord server members entertained, adding music bots can be a great solution. Music bots allow you to stream music directly into your server’s voice channels, creating a fun and lively atmosphere for all members to enjoy. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage members to stay active in the community and connect with each other through their shared love of music.

Here are some benefits of adding music bots to your Discord server:

Increased engagement

Adding music bots to your server can increase engagement among your members, especially if you have a large community. It can help bring people together and create a fun, social environment where people feel more comfortable interacting with each other. Music can be a great conversation starter and can help people bond over shared interests, which is a great way to build a stronger community.

Customizable music experience

With music bots, you can customize the music experience to fit your community’s tastes. You can choose the type of music you want to stream and even create custom playlists for specific events or occasions. This allows you to create a more personalized and unique experience for your members, which can help keep them engaged and interested in the server.

More entertainment options

Adding music bots to your server can also provide more entertainment options for your members. In addition to chatting and participating in events, they can now also enjoy listening to music while they hang out in voice channels. This can be a great way to keep people entertained and active in the server for longer periods of time.

  • Conclusion

Overall, adding music bots to your Discord server can be a great way to enhance the voice channels and keep members entertained. It can create a more social and engaging environment and provide more entertainment options for your community. So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit your server?

Organize Your Members with Custom Roles and Permissions

Discord servers are designed to be highly customizable and flexible, and one of the most powerful tools for organizing your members is through the use of custom roles and permissions. Roles are a way of categorizing your members based on their permissions, while permissions are the specific actions and features that each role is allowed to access.

Creating custom roles allows you to assign specific permissions to different groups of members, giving you greater control over who can do what within your server. For example, you might create a role for moderators who can delete messages and ban members, while regular members might only have permission to send messages and join voice channels.

How to Create Custom Roles

  • Open your server settings and click on the “Roles” tab.
  • Click the plus sign to create a new role.
  • Give the role a name and assign it the desired permissions.
  • Drag and drop the role to the desired position in the hierarchy.

How to Assign Roles to Members

  • Right-click on the member’s name in the member list.
  • Select “Roles” from the context menu.
  • Check or uncheck the boxes to assign or remove roles from the member.

Best Practices for Using Custom Roles

When setting up custom roles and permissions, it’s important to follow some best practices to ensure that your server remains organized and easy to manage. Here are a few tips:

  • Limit the number of roles you create to avoid confusion.
  • Use clear and descriptive names for your roles to make it easy to understand their purpose.
  • Place roles with higher permissions higher up in the hierarchy.
  • Regularly review your roles and permissions to ensure they are still necessary and appropriate.

By using custom roles and permissions, you can easily organize your members and manage their access to various features and functions within your server. With a little bit of planning and organization, you can create a Discord community that is both welcoming and well-managed.

Engage Your Community with Fun and Interactive Games

Creating an engaging community is key to the success of any online platform. One way to do this is by incorporating games that members can play and enjoy together. Discord, a popular communication platform for gamers, has a variety of games that can be added to your server to keep members entertained and foster a sense of community.

Some of the games available on Discord include trivia, card games, and word games. These games are interactive and allow members to challenge each other, collaborate, and have fun. With games, you can bring members closer and create a sense of friendly competition.

Add Trivia Games to Your Server

Trivia games are a popular choice on Discord servers as they are easy to play and can be customized to suit your community’s interests. TriviaBot is a bot that can be added to your server, allowing you to create custom trivia questions and categories. Members can then participate in live trivia games, earning points for correct answers and competing to be the top scorer.

You can also use Pokécord, a bot that allows members to catch and trade Pokémon while chatting on your server. Members can battle their Pokémon against each other and compete for top rankings on the server. This game is perfect for gaming communities that enjoy Pokémon games.

Host Card Games and More

If your community enjoys card games, Rythm is a music bot that can play card game sound effects for a more immersive experience. Alternatively, Cards Against Humanity is a popular card game that can be played on Discord through the use of a custom bot.

In addition to card games, Uno is another popular game that can be played on Discord through the use of a bot. Members can play Uno with each other, and the bot will handle card dealing and game mechanics. This game is perfect for casual gaming communities.

Create a Sense of Community through Games

Gaming communities thrive on social interaction, and adding games to your Discord server is a great way to foster a sense of community. Games encourage members to interact with each other, collaborate, and have fun together. By adding games to your server, you can create a welcoming and engaging space for your members to enjoy.

Whether you choose to add trivia games, card games, or word games, incorporating games into your Discord server is a simple yet effective way to engage your community and keep members entertained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I add to my Discord server?

If you want to keep your community engaged and entertained, consider adding fun bots such as Rythm for music or Dank Memer for memes. You can also include custom emojis to enhance your server’s aesthetics and give it a unique look. Finally, consider using custom roles and permissions to manage your members effectively.

How can I moderate my Discord server?

There are several ways to moderate your server effectively. First, make sure to set up roles and permissions to limit access to certain channels and features. You can also use automated moderation bots such as MEE6 or Dyno to filter out inappropriate content and keep your server safe. Finally, consider having active moderators who can keep an eye on the server and take appropriate action when necessary.

What are some ways to grow my Discord server?

If you want to attract more members to your server, consider promoting it on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, or Instagram. You can also collaborate with other servers or communities to share your server’s content and attract new members. Finally, make sure to create engaging content and host events and giveaways to keep your community active and attract new members.

How can I make my Discord server more interactive?

If you want to keep your community engaged and active, consider hosting fun and interactive games such as trivia, music guessing games, or roleplaying sessions. You can also use voice channels to encourage members to have conversations and make new friends. Finally, consider using reaction roles to allow members to choose their interests and engage with the server’s content more effectively.

What are some best practices for managing a Discord server?

To manage your Discord server effectively, make sure to set clear rules and guidelines for your community to follow. You should also have a dedicated moderation team to ensure that the server remains safe and appropriate for all members. Finally, make sure to listen to your community’s feedback and implement changes that will improve their experience on the server.

How can I customize my Discord server’s appearance?

If you want to make your server more visually appealing, consider adding custom emojis or creating a unique server icon and banner. You can also use custom CSS to modify the appearance of your server’s interface and make it more personalized. Finally, consider using custom bots and integrations to add more functionality and features to your server.

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