How Does Discord Server Boosting Work? A Complete Guide

Welcome to our complete guide on Discord Server Boosting. Are you looking for ways to level up your server and unlock exclusive features on Discord? If so, this guide is perfect for you.

Discord Server Boosting is a feature that allows you to support your favorite servers by contributing to its development and unlocking special perks. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about how Discord Server Boosting works and how you can get started with it.

Whether you’re a seasoned Discord user or a beginner, this guide will help you learn how to boost your server, what benefits you can gain from it, and best practices to maximize your experience. So let’s dive in and learn everything there is to know about Discord Server Boosting.

Get ready to take your Discord server to the next level with our complete guide on Discord Server Boosting! From boosting tiers to exclusive features, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Discord Server Boosting?

Discord Server Boosting is a feature that allows users to support their favorite servers on the popular communication app, Discord. It was introduced in late 2018 as a way to help server owners grow and expand their communities. Essentially, a server boost is a contribution made by a user to a server, which unlocks various perks for both the booster and the server.

To be able to boost a server, you need to be a member of the server’s community and have a valid payment method linked to your Discord account. Once you’ve made a boost, you’ll gain access to a variety of exclusive features that can enhance your experience on the server. Meanwhile, the server owner and other members of the community will benefit from the added perks that come with having a boosted server.

The more server boosts a server has, the higher it ranks on Discord’s server discovery page. This means that boosted servers are more likely to attract new members and grow their communities. Additionally, Discord server boosting is a great way to show your support for a community you’re passionate about and help it thrive.

It’s worth noting that server boosting is not available for all servers. Only servers that meet certain criteria, such as being verified, can be boosted. Moreover, the perks that come with boosting a server vary depending on the number of boosts a server has and its boost tier.

Understanding the Concept of Server Boosting on Discord

Discord server boosting is a unique feature that allows users to support their favorite servers and access exclusive benefits. To boost a server, you need to have a Nitro subscription or be granted a boost by someone else. A single boost lasts for a week and provides several advantages, such as more emoji slots and improved audio quality.

  1. Boosting level: Each server can have up to three boosting levels, which unlock additional perks as more boosts are received. The first level requires two boosts, the second level requires 15, and the third level requires 30.
  2. Boosting perks: Server owners can set unique perks for each boosting level, such as custom roles or access to exclusive channels.
  3. Boosting visibility: When a server receives a boost, it gains a special badge that makes it stand out in the server list. This can attract more members and help grow the community.

If you’re new to Discord server boosting, it may seem complicated at first, but it’s a powerful way to show support for your favorite communities and access exclusive perks. Keep reading to learn more about how to boost a server on Discord and the benefits it can provide.

How to Boost a Server on Discord?

Discord server boosting is a simple process, but it requires a few steps to complete. Below are the steps to follow:

Have a Nitro Subscription: You need to have an active Nitro subscription to boost a server on Discord. If you don’t have a subscription, you won’t be able to use this feature.

Select a Server to Boost: Go to your server list, and choose the server you want to boost. You can only boost one server at a time with your Nitro subscription.

Click the Boost Button: Once you have selected the server you want to boost, click on the “Server Boost” icon, located next to the server name. A window will pop up with options to boost the server.

Choose a Boost Tier: Discord has three tiers for server boosting, and each tier comes with different benefits. Choose a tier that best suits your needs and budget.

Confirm Your Boost: After selecting a boost tier, confirm your boost. You can boost the server with a credit card or using your Nitro balance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting Your Server on Discord

To boost your server on Discord, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Server to Boost: You can boost any server that you’re a member of, but you can only boost one server at a time.
  2. Choose a Boost Tier: You can select from two tiers of server boosting – Nitro and Nitro Classic. Each tier provides different benefits.
  3. Confirm Payment: After selecting a boost tier, you need to confirm the payment method and complete the transaction.
  4. Enjoy the Benefits: Once your boost is applied, you can enjoy the benefits like a special boost badge, increased server capacity, and improved audio quality.

Boosting a server on Discord is a great way to support your favorite communities and enhance your own server’s features. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of server boosting and best practices to maximize your boost’s impact.

What Happens When You Boost a Server on Discord?

Boosting a server on Discord comes with several benefits that can help your community grow and thrive. When you boost a server, you gain access to various features and perks that can improve your server’s visibility and attract new members. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved Audio Quality: Boosting a server on Discord grants access to higher quality audio and voice chat options, making it easier for members to communicate.
  • Increased Server Visibility: Boosted servers are given priority placement in the server directory and can be easily discovered by potential members.
  • Customizable Server Appearance: Boosted servers can create custom server banners and server invite backgrounds to help make their community more visually appealing.

Overall, boosting a server on Discord can be an excellent way to improve the user experience and grow your community. By unlocking various benefits and features, you can create a more engaging and enjoyable experience for both current and potential members.

Benefits of Boosting a Server on Discord

Increased Server Capabilities: When you boost a server on Discord, you unlock new capabilities and features that are not available to non-boosted servers. These features include improved audio quality, higher resolution video streaming, and larger upload limits.

Customization Options: Server boosting allows for more customization options, such as server banners, custom emojis, and even vanity URLs that make it easier for users to find and join your server.

Exclusive Rewards: Boosting a server also gives you access to exclusive rewards such as cosmetic items, badges, and server perks. These rewards can be used to incentivize users to join and stay active on your server.

Community Building: Server boosting is a great way to bring your community together and strengthen the bonds between your members. It can help foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among your users, leading to a more engaged and active community.

Visibility: Boosting a server also increases its visibility on the platform, making it easier for new users to discover and join. This can be especially beneficial for smaller communities that are looking to grow and expand their reach.

Exclusive Benefits of Server Boosting on Discord

When you boost a server on Discord, you get access to exclusive perks that regular users don’t. These include a special badge, server banner, and even access to custom emoji slots. Additionally, you get priority customer support, which means your issues will be resolved faster than regular users.

Another unique benefit of boosting a server is the ability to unlock extra server features such as higher audio quality, better server performance, and an increased number of server emoji slots. This means that you can provide a better user experience for your community members.

Boosting a server also helps build community. When you boost a server, you’re supporting the community and showing that you’re invested in its growth. This can encourage other members to boost the server too, which can lead to more benefits for everyone.

Overall, boosting a server on Discord offers many unique benefits that regular users don’t get. It’s a great way to support your favorite communities and gain exclusive perks that enhance your Discord experience.

How Does Server Boosting Help Communities on Discord?

Increased Visibility: Boosting a server on Discord can help the community gain more visibility by placing the server in the spotlight for others to see. This can lead to increased growth and more users joining the server.

Customization Options: Server boosting unlocks various customization options, including custom emojis, personalized banners, and splash screens. These options can help create a unique community experience and help the server stand out from others.

Community Support: Boosting a server on Discord shows support for the community and helps fund various server features. This helps the server grow and improves the experience for all users involved.

Access to Exclusive Content: Server boosting grants access to exclusive features, such as server level perks, Nitro boosts, and special roles. These exclusive features can further enhance the community experience and encourage more users to join and engage.

Overall, server boosting on Discord can have a positive impact on the community by increasing visibility, offering unique customization options, showing support, and providing access to exclusive content. By boosting a server, users can help create a thriving community that offers a unique and engaging experience for all members.

Discord Server Boosting Tiers Explained

Discord server boosting comes with three different tiers, each with its own set of benefits.

The first tier is known as the Level 1 Boost, which grants access to basic server perks such as 128kbps audio quality, an animated server icon, and a custom server invite background.

The Level 2 Boost is the second tier, which unlocks additional features such as 256kbps audio quality, a custom splash screen, and 50 additional server emojis.

The final tier is the Level 3 Boost, which is the highest tier and unlocks the most premium features for a server. With this tier, you can access the best audio quality of up to 384kbps, a vanity invite URL, a server banner, and 100 additional server emojis.

It’s important to note that each tier requires a certain number of boosts from different members to be unlocked. For example, to achieve Level 1 Boost, you need two members to boost your server. To achieve Level 2 Boost, you need 15 members to boost your server, and for Level 3 Boost, you need 30 members to boost your server.

Keep in mind that boosting is not a one-time contribution, and you will need to maintain the number of boosts to keep the perks active. So, be sure to engage with your community and encourage them to continue boosting your server to maintain the benefits.

Differences Between Discord Server Boosting Tiers

The Discord Server Boosting system offers three tiers of benefits, and each tier offers a different set of perks. These perks range from custom server banners to higher quality voice channels. Here are some of the key differences between the three tiers:

  • Level 1: This tier requires at least one boost and offers a custom server banner, 50 additional emoji slots, and 128kbps audio quality in voice channels.
  • Level 2: This tier requires at least 15 boosts and offers all the benefits of level 1, plus an additional 50 emoji slots (for a total of 100), a server icon that can be animated, and 256kbps audio quality in voice channels.
  • Level 3: This tier requires at least 30 boosts and offers all the benefits of levels 1 and 2, plus an additional 100 emoji slots (for a total of 250), a vanity URL invite, and 384kbps audio quality in voice channels.

Choosing which tier to boost your server to depends on your community’s needs and goals. Some communities may benefit from the additional emoji slots and custom server banner offered at level 1, while others may need the higher audio quality and vanity URL provided at level 3.

It’s important to note that server boosts last for a month and must be renewed to maintain the tier’s benefits. If a server doesn’t receive enough boosts to maintain its tier, it will be automatically downgraded to the lower tier.

What Benefits Do You Get with Higher Boosting Tiers on Discord?

Discord server boosting tiers offer various benefits depending on the tier. These benefits include higher audio quality, more server emojis, and custom server banners, etc.

First Tier: You will get 50 server emojis and a 128kbps audio quality boost.

Second Tier: You will get 100 server emojis, a 256kbps audio quality boost, and a custom server banner.

Third Tier: You will get 200 server emojis, a 384kbps audio quality boost, a custom server invite background, and the ability to add a server banner background to your server.

Fourth Tier: You will get 250 server emojis, a 512kbps audio quality boost, a custom vanity URL for your server invite, and an animated server icon.

With each tier, you also get a server badge that shows how many times the server has been boosted, and how many boosts it needs to reach the next level.

How to Get More Server Boosts on Discord?

If you’re looking to get more server boosts on Discord, there are several things you can do:

Encourage members to boost – If you have an active server with engaged members, encourage them to boost the server to unlock perks for everyone.

Offer incentives – Offer incentives to members who boost the server, such as exclusive roles, access to private channels, or other perks.

Participate in Discord events – Discord occasionally runs events that reward servers with boosts. Participating in these events can help you earn boosts for your server.

Promote your server – Promote your server on social media, other Discord servers, and gaming forums. The more visibility your server has, the more likely people are to boost it.

Engage with your community – Building a strong and engaged community can encourage members to boost the server to help it grow and thrive.

Tips for Getting More Boosts on Your Discord Server

  • Promote your server: Spread the word about your server on social media platforms, forums, and other online communities. Make sure to provide an invite link to your server and highlight the benefits of boosting it.
  • Create an attractive server: Make your server visually appealing with a custom banner, profile picture, and emoji. Organize channels and categories in a logical manner, and ensure that they have clear and concise descriptions.
  • Offer exclusive benefits: Provide incentives for boosting your server, such as exclusive roles, channels, and permissions. Offer rewards for reaching certain boost milestones, such as special events or giveaways.

Remember to show appreciation for your boosters by publicly acknowledging them and expressing your gratitude. Building a strong and engaged community is key to attracting and retaining boosters, so make sure to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Best Practices for Discord Server Boosting

Communicate with your community: Inform your community about the benefits of server boosting and how it can help improve their experience on your server. Encourage them to participate and provide feedback on what they would like to see in return for their support.

Offer incentives: Providing exclusive perks and benefits for server boosters can encourage more people to support your server. Consider offering custom roles, access to special channels, or even giveaways for your boosters.

Show appreciation: It’s important to show your appreciation for those who support your server. Consider thanking them publicly or privately and acknowledging their contribution to the community.

Plan ahead: Create a strategy for how you will use the benefits of server boosting to improve your server. Consider what perks you will offer, how you will communicate with boosters, and how you will track and manage boosts.

Maintain transparency: Be transparent about how the benefits of server boosting are being used to improve the server. Provide updates to your community on how their support is being used and how it has impacted the server.

How Often Should You Boost Your Discord Server?

Boosting your Discord server can bring a lot of benefits, but the question is: how often should you do it? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on several factors:

  • Your budget: Obviously, the more boosts you purchase, the more expensive it gets. Consider your financial situation and determine how much you can afford to spend.
  • Your server’s size: If your server is already quite large and active, you may not need to boost it as often as a smaller or less active server.
  • Your goals: Consider what you hope to achieve by boosting your server. Are you trying to attract more members, enhance the server’s features, or simply show off your dedication to the community? Your goals will impact how often you need to boost.

Ultimately, the decision on how often to boost your server comes down to your personal situation and preferences. However, keep in mind that the benefits of boosting only last for one month, so you’ll need to boost at least once a month to maintain those benefits.

How to Encourage Your Members to Boost the Server?

If you want to increase the number of boosts your server receives, there are a few things you can do to encourage your members to boost:

Offer rewardsOffering rewards such as custom roles, special permissions, or exclusive channels can be a great incentive for members to boost the server.
Communicate the benefitsMake sure your members understand the benefits of boosting the server, such as increased visibility and access to exclusive features.
Create a sense of communityMake your server a fun and engaging community that members want to support and be a part of. Encourage members to share their ideas and opinions, and create events and activities that bring members together.

Remember, it’s important to be genuine and authentic in your efforts to encourage boosting. Don’t pressure or guilt trip members into boosting, but instead focus on creating a positive and rewarding community that members will want to support.

What to Avoid When Boosting Your Discord Server?

Discord server boosting can be a great way to show support for your community and unlock exclusive features. However, there are some common mistakes to avoid when boosting your server:

Boosting without purpose:Before you start boosting your server, make sure you have a clear goal in mind. What do you want to achieve with your boosted server? Make sure you have a strategy in place to get the most out of your boosts.
Relying too much on boosts:While server boosts can be beneficial, they are not the only factor that contributes to the success of a community. Make sure you are still focusing on building a strong, engaged community through other means as well.
Not communicating with your members:If you want your members to boost your server, make sure you are communicating the benefits of doing so. Let them know what features they will unlock and how their support will help the community.

By avoiding these common mistakes and taking a strategic approach to server boosting, you can help your community thrive on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions about Discord Server Boosting

What are the benefits of server boosting?

Server boosting grants various perks like access to custom emojis, increased file size limit, and better audio quality. Moreover, boosting can enhance a server’s overall visibility and prestige.

Can anyone boost a server?

No, only users with the “Server Boost” role or Nitro subscribers can boost a server. However, server owners and admins can grant the role to other members.

Can boosting be undone or transferred to another server?

Yes, you can unboost a server or transfer your boost to another server. However, you’ll have to wait seven days before boosting a different server, and a server can only have one active boost at a time.

How do I know when my server is being boosted?

You’ll receive a notification when someone boosts your server, and your server’s boost status will be displayed on the server settings page.

Can You Boost Your Own Server on Discord?

Yes, you can boost your own server on Discord. However, to do so, you need to be a member of a server for at least 10 minutes. After that, you can use Nitro to boost your server.

Boosting your own server can help increase the number of perks that you and your members can enjoy, such as additional emoji slots, improved voice and video quality, and access to custom server banners.

It’s important to note that you can only use one Nitro subscription to boost one server at a time, so if you have multiple servers, you will need to choose which one to prioritize.

Additionally, boosting your own server may not be the most effective way to get more boosts, as it may be seen as self-promotion and could turn off potential boosters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discord server boosting?

Discord server boosting is the act of improving a server’s perks and features by contributing a boost to the server using Discord Nitro.

How does server boosting work on Discord?

When a member boosts a server on Discord, they receive perks such as increased server emojis, enhanced audio quality, and more customization options for the server’s background and banner.

How many boosts are required to reach different levels?

Server boosting on Discord has five levels, with each level requiring a certain number of boosts. For example, level one requires two boosts, while level two requires 15 boosts.

How long do server boosts last on Discord?

Server boosts last for a specific amount of time, depending on the number of boosts. A single boost lasts for one week, while a server with multiple boosts can have their boosts last up to three months.

How can server owners track the boosts on their server?

Server owners can track the number of boosts on their server through the Server Boost status menu. This menu displays the current level of the server, the number of boosts received, and when the current boost period will end.

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