How Long Do Server Boosts Last on Discord?

If you’re an avid user of Discord, you’ve probably come across the term “server boosts” more than once. In simple terms, server boosts are a way for Discord users to support their favorite servers and enjoy some exclusive perks in return. But have you ever wondered, how long do server boosts last on Discord? In this article, we’ll dive deep into the topic of server boosts and everything you need to know about their duration.

Understanding server boosts is crucial for anyone who wants to enjoy the full range of benefits that Discord has to offer. From increased server capacity to custom emojis and more, the benefits of server boosting are many. But before we get to that, let’s first take a closer look at what server boosts are and how they work.

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about server boosting on Discord. So, whether you’re a server owner looking to boost your server or a Discord user considering which servers to boost, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how long server boosts last on Discord.

Understanding Discord Server Boosts

Discord is a popular platform for gamers, creators, and communities to connect and communicate. One of the most exciting features of Discord is server boosting, a way for members to support their favorite servers and unlock exclusive perks. But what exactly are server boosts, and how do they work?

Put simply, a server boost is a way for Discord users to improve the features and functionality of their favorite servers. By contributing Nitro, the platform’s premium subscription service, users can grant special perks to their server of choice, like improved audio quality, increased upload limits, and even custom server banners.

The more boosts a server receives, the higher the boost level becomes, unlocking additional features and rewards. Server owners can even create custom boost roles and perks to thank their boosters and incentivize further support.

What are Server Boosts?

If you’re a Discord server owner or a member, you’ve probably heard about Server Boosts. But what are they exactly? Server Boosts are a way to support and enhance a server’s community by providing exclusive perks and benefits to its members.

  1. Nitro Benefits: By boosting a server, members can unlock various Nitro benefits like animated emojis, custom emotes, and higher quality video streaming.
  2. Perks for Server Owners: Server Boosting also provides perks to server owners, such as more emojis, better audio quality, and more customization options for their server.
  3. Boost Levels: Server Boosts have four levels, each level unlocks more perks and benefits. Members can choose which level to boost their server to depending on their preference and budget.
  4. Boosting Period: A server boost typically lasts for a week, during which members can enjoy the boosted perks and benefits.
  5. Boosting Requirements: To boost a server, members need to have an active Discord Nitro subscription and be a part of the server they want to boost.
  6. Boosting Rewards: Boosting a server rewards the booster with a special badge and other benefits depending on the number of boosts they provide.

Overall, Server Boosting is an excellent way to support your favorite servers and enjoy exclusive perks and benefits in return. If you’re a server owner, it’s also an excellent way to enhance your server and attract more members.

Benefits of Server Boosting

Exclusive Server Perks: One of the significant benefits of server boosting is gaining access to exclusive server perks. Server owners can set custom perks for their boosted servers, such as custom emojis, special roles, and a vanity URL.

Improved Audio Quality: Boosting a server allows for higher quality voice chat for all members. The voice chat feature is an essential aspect of Discord, and boosting a server enhances the experience for everyone.

Increased Server Visibility: Server boosting increases the visibility of a server by pushing it to the top of the server directory. Boosted servers have a purple lightning bolt icon next to their name, making them more visible to potential members.

Additional Server Tiers: Boosting a server helps to unlock additional server tiers, providing more perks and features for members. As a server gains more boosts, it can reach higher tiers and unlock more perks, encouraging members to keep boosting the server.

Unlock Custom Server Features

Server boosting allows you to unlock unique and customizable features that are not available to standard servers. When a server gets a boost, its members can unlock perks such as server banners, custom emojis, and more. These custom features can be used to personalize your server and make it stand out from the rest.

Boosting a server can also increase the maximum audio quality for voice channels, making it easier to communicate with others. Additionally, boosted servers can have a higher bitrate for screensharing, which is beneficial for those who frequently use this feature for presentations or video calls.

Unlocking custom server features can be a great way to enhance your Discord experience and make your server unique. By boosting a server, you can add a personal touch that reflects the interests and personality of your community.

Improved Audio Quality

Server boosting not only unlocks custom server features, but it also enhances the audio quality of the voice channels. This means that the sound quality will be much clearer and smoother, without any distortion or noise interference.

With server boosts, you can increase the maximum audio quality of your voice channels up to 384kbps, which is four times higher than the standard audio quality of 96kbps. This improvement is especially noticeable for music channels or for users with high-end audio equipment.

In addition to better audio quality, server boosts also reduce the latency or delay of voice communications. This ensures that messages are sent and received without any significant delay, resulting in a more natural and uninterrupted conversation.

By boosting your server, you can enhance the overall audio experience for yourself and your community members, making your Discord server a more enjoyable place to chat and hang out.

Priority Server Support

Server Boosting not only unlocks special features, but it also gives your server priority support. If you’re having issues with your server and you have a boosted server, Discord will prioritize your support request over non-boosted servers. This means you’ll receive faster response times from Discord’s support team, ensuring that your server issues get resolved as soon as possible.

Priority Speaker is one of the features that is available for boosted servers. This feature allows the server owner or moderators to be heard more clearly in voice channels, even if other members are talking at the same time.

In addition, if you have any questions about your boosted server or Discord Nitro, Discord’s support team is always available to assist you. You can contact them via the Discord support website, where you can submit a ticket and receive assistance from their knowledgeable and helpful support team.

With priority server support, you can ensure that your boosted server is running smoothly and that your members are receiving the best possible experience on your server.

Factors Affecting Server Boost Duration

Number of Server Boosts: The more server boosts a server has, the longer the boost duration will be. For example, if a server has ten server boosts, the boost duration will be 3 months. However, if the server has twenty boosts, the boost duration will increase to 4 months.

Boost Level: The level of the boost can also affect the duration. There are currently three boost levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level Level 1 boosts last for one month, Level 2 boosts last for two months, and Level 3 boosts last for three months.

Number of Server Members: The number of server members can also affect the boost duration. The more members a server has, the longer the boost duration will be. This means that servers with a larger community have the potential to enjoy longer boost durations.

Number of Boosts

One of the main factors that affect the duration of server boosts on Discord is the number of boosts a server receives. When a server gets more boosts, the duration of each boost is extended. For instance, a server that receives five boosts can enjoy the perks of the boosted server for longer than a server with only one boost.

It’s important to note that the boosts don’t have to come from unique users. A single user can purchase multiple boosts to increase the total number of boosts a server has.

If a server falls below the required number of boosts, the server will lose its boosted status and the perks that come with it until the number of boosts required is met again.

Boost Level

Another factor that affects the duration of server boosts is the boost level. Discord users can choose between two boost levels: Level 1 and Level Level 1 boosts require at least one boost, while Level 2 boosts require at least 15 boosts.

Boost levels also determine the benefits a server receives. Level 2 boosts unlock additional perks, such as more custom emoji slots and higher audio quality. Additionally, servers with Level 2 boosts are given a unique vanity URL, making it easier to share and join the server.

It’s worth noting that Level 2 boosts are not easy to obtain. It requires a dedicated community of supporters who are willing to invest their time and resources to help the server grow.

Boosting Period

Regular boost duration: The default duration for a server boost is one month. If you choose to boost your server during a longer duration, the boost will still last only one month, and the additional time will be pro-rated.

Boost renewal: If you renew your boost before the current boost period ends, the new boost period will start immediately. This will allow your server to continue enjoying the benefits of server boosting without any interruption.

Boost stacking: Boosts can be stacked up to six times. This means that if you boost your server for six consecutive months, the benefits of server boosting will be compounded. The more you boost, the more benefits your server will receive.

Boost cancellation: You can cancel your server boost at any time. However, if you cancel your boost before the end of the boost period, you will lose the remaining boost time and benefits.

How to Check Your Server Boost Status

Step 1: Open Discord and select the server you have boosted.

Step 2: Click on the server settings drop-down menu located next to the server name.

Step 3: Select the “Server Boost Status” option from the menu.

Once you have followed these steps, you will be able to see your current server boost status, including the boost level, the number of boosts, and the boosting period. You can also see the benefits you have unlocked as a result of your boost.

It’s important to note that you can only check your server boost status for servers you have boosted yourself. If you want to check the boost status of a server you have not boosted, you will need to ask the server owner or an administrator for that information.

Checking Boost Status on Desktop

  • Login to Discord on your desktop.

  • Go to your server, which you have boosted.

  • Look for the server name at the top left of the screen and right-click on it.

  • Select Server Boost Status from the dropdown menu.

  • On the next screen, you can see the current boost level, boost duration, and total number of boosts for your server.

  • Click on the Boost History button to view a history of all your server boosts.

Checking your server boost status on desktop is a straightforward process that can be done in a few clicks. By following the steps above, you can quickly find out the boost level, boost duration, and total number of boosts for your server. Moreover, you can check the history of all the boosts you have applied to your server.

Extending the Duration of Your Server Boost

Use Server Boosts Efficiently: Make sure to use your server boosts effectively to ensure that you get the most out of them. Coordinate with your server members to plan the best time to boost your server and consider pooling resources together to purchase boosts.

Purchase Additional Server Boosts: You can purchase additional server boosts to extend the duration of your current boosts. Keep in mind that the more boosts you have, the longer your server will remain boosted.

Level Up Your Server: When your server levels up, you receive a server boost as a reward. Leveling up your server increases the number of boosts you have and can help you maintain a boosted server for a longer period of time.

Keep Your Server Active: A boosted server must have consistent activity to maintain its status. Encourage your members to be active and engaged in the server to keep it boosted for longer periods.

Maintain Server Nitro: Having an active Nitro subscription gives you access to additional server boosts, which can help extend the duration of your boosted server. Consider keeping an active Nitro subscription if you want to maintain your server’s boosted status for a longer time.

Boosting Your Server Again

Wait for the current boost to expire: If your server’s boost has not expired yet, you will need to wait for it to expire before you can boost your server again. You can check the expiry date under the server’s settings.

Increase the server’s level: Increasing your server’s level can give you an additional boost, depending on the level. For example, a level 2 server gets two boosts per month, while a level 3 server gets three boosts per month.

Ask members to boost: Ask your server members to help boost your server by using their own boosts. This is especially helpful if your server has many members with active Nitro subscriptions.

Use Nitro to get more boosts: You can also use Nitro to get more boosts for your server. Nitro subscribers get two server boosts per month, and you can purchase additional boosts with Nitro as well.

Utilize Boosting Events: Discord occasionally runs boosting events, during which you can get additional boosts for your server by completing certain tasks or challenges. Keep an eye out for these events to maximize your server’s boosting potential.

Joining a Server with an Existing Boost

  • Search for Boosted Servers: Look for servers that have a lightning bolt icon next to their name, indicating that they have an active server boost.

  • Check Server Information: Go to the server’s information page by clicking on its name. Here, you can see the server’s boost level and the remaining duration of the boost.

  • Boost a Server You Join: If you have an available server boost, you can use it on a server you join by clicking the “Server Boost” button on the server’s information page.

  • Ask the Server Owner: You can also ask the server owner or other members of the server if they have an active boost and if they are willing to share it with you.

  • Donate Nitro: You can also donate Nitro to the server, which can be used to purchase a server boost and extend its duration.

Remember, joining a server with an active boost can offer benefits such as additional emojis, increased file upload limits, and improved audio quality in voice chats. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get involved in the community!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a server boost on Discord?

A server boost on Discord is a feature that allows users to support their favorite servers by providing them with additional perks, such as more emojis, higher audio quality, and improved server customization options.

How many boosts are required to reach each boost level?

There are two boost levels on Discord, each of which requires a certain number of server boosts. Level 1 requires two boosts, while level 2 requires 15 boosts.

How long do server boosts last on Discord?

A server boost on Discord lasts for a certain amount of time depending on the boost level. Level 1 boosts last for one week, while level 2 boosts last for two weeks.

Can server boosts be extended or renewed?

Yes, server boosts on Discord can be extended or renewed by adding more boosts before the current boost period ends. This will increase the duration of the boost and ensure that the server retains its boost level.

What happens when a server boost expires?

When a server boost on Discord expires, the server will lose its boost level and any associated perks. The server can regain its boost level by receiving more boosts from members.

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