Unlocking the Secrets: How to Get Your Discord Server Verified and Boost Your Credibility

Are you looking to take your Discord server to the next level? Do you want to establish your community as a legitimate and trustworthy source? Then getting your server verified is a must. A verified server comes with perks like improved server discovery, access to additional features, and most importantly, an official mark of credibility from Discord.

But how do you get your server verified? What are the requirements? And what are the tips and tricks to increase your chances of success? In this article, we’ll answer all your burning questions and give you a step-by-step guide to getting your server verified on Discord.

Whether you’re a small gaming community, a big brand, or just looking to build a following, a verified server is an excellent way to build credibility and grow your audience. Keep reading to discover how to unlock the secrets to getting your Discord server verified and take your community to new heights!

From understanding why verification matters on Discord to learning the criteria your server must meet, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our step-by-step guide to applying for Discord server verification and tips for increasing your chances of success will set you up for success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your credibility and take your server to the next level – read on to learn how!

Why Verification Matters on Discord

Discord is a platform where people can connect and communicate with one another. With millions of users, it’s easy for servers to get lost in the crowd. This is where verification comes in, as it helps to distinguish legitimate servers from fake ones. Verification also boosts the credibility of your server, which is crucial if you’re looking to build a community, run events or offer services. In this post, we’ll explore why verification matters and how you can get your server verified.

Establishes Trust

Verification on Discord establishes trust between the server owner and its members. When a server is verified, it shows that the server owner has taken steps to ensure that the server is legitimate and safe for users to join. This makes users feel more comfortable joining and interacting with the server, which can help build a strong community. Without verification, users may be hesitant to join or may question the legitimacy of the server.

Protects Against Impersonators

Unverified servers on Discord are vulnerable to impersonators who may try to replicate the server or scam members. Verification protects against this by adding a checkmark to the server’s name, making it easy for users to identify that the server is legitimate. Additionally, the verification process helps to ensure that the server owner is the actual owner and not an impersonator, which adds an extra layer of security for members.

Unlocks Additional Features

  • Verified servers can access more tools and features than unverified servers. This includes access to custom emotes, increased file upload size, and higher quality voice channels. This can be especially useful for gaming communities, where voice quality and emotes can enhance the gaming experience.
  • Verified servers can also get their server boosted, which increases the server’s visibility and adds perks for members, such as a special badge and increased file upload size.

If you want to build a thriving community on Discord, getting your server verified is a must. Not only does it establish trust and protect against impersonators, but it also unlocks additional features that can enhance the user experience. In the next section, we’ll explore how to get your server verified.

The Benefits of Having a Verified Discord Server

Having a verified Discord server offers many benefits for both individuals and businesses. Here are just a few:

Increased credibility: Verification provides credibility to your Discord server, as it shows that your server is authentic and legitimate.

How Verification Can Increase Your Credibility

  • Verification helps prevent scams: Verification helps protect users from scams and fraud, as it confirms that the server is owned and operated by a legitimate entity.
  • Verification helps build trust: Having a verified Discord server helps build trust with users, as they know that they are interacting with a legitimate and trustworthy community.

How Verification Can Enhance Your Server’s Functionality

  • Access to additional features: Verified servers have access to additional features that are not available to unverified servers, such as custom invites and increased server customization options.
  • Improved server discoverability: Verified servers appear higher in search results, making it easier for users to discover and join your community.

Reduced spam: Verification helps reduce the amount of spam and unwanted content that can be posted on your server, making it a safer and more enjoyable experience for all users.

Overall, having a verified Discord server can enhance your credibility, build trust with your users, and improve your server’s functionality. It’s a simple and easy process that can offer significant benefits for your community.

What Criteria Must Your Server Meet to Get Verified?

Discord is a platform where users can create and manage their own servers. However, not all servers are created equal. Discord has implemented a verification system to ensure that servers meet certain criteria before receiving the coveted verified badge.

So, what are the criteria that your server must meet to get verified? Here are some of the most important requirements:

Community Guidelines

  • Your server must have clear and easy-to-understand community guidelines that all members are expected to follow.
  • The guidelines should outline what behavior is and is not acceptable on the server, including rules around hate speech, harassment, and NSFW content.
  • Make sure to enforce these guidelines consistently to create a safe and welcoming community for all members.

Server Activity

  • Your server must be active and have a steady flow of members joining and participating in conversations.
  • If your server is inactive or has a low number of members, it is unlikely to be verified.
  • Encourage members to invite their friends and actively participate in conversations to keep the server lively and engaging.

Server Verification

Before your server can be verified, it must go through a review process by Discord. During this process, Discord staff will check to ensure that your server meets all of the necessary criteria for verification.

To increase your chances of being verified, make sure to thoroughly review the verification requirements and ensure that your server meets them before submitting your application.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for Discord Server Verification

If you want to get your Discord server verified, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Meet the Criteria

  • Ensure that your server meets the criteria for verification, including having a completed server template, a verified email address, and active moderation.
  • Make sure your server has been around for a while, with a significant and active community.
  • Ensure that your server has clear rules and guidelines, and a moderation team that enforces them effectively.

Step 2: Apply for Verification

  • Head over to the Server Settings section of your server.
  • Select the “Server Boost” tab and click on the “Verify Your Server” button.
  • Fill in the verification form, including your server’s name, a short description, and a link to your server’s rules.
  • Submit the form and wait for Discord to review your application.

Step 3: Maintain Your Verified Status

  • Continue to uphold the criteria for verification and ensure that your server remains active and well-moderated.
  • Keep your server’s information and rules up-to-date and make sure to respond to any user reports or issues in a timely manner.
  • Consider boosting your server to receive additional perks and benefits.

Following these steps can help increase your chances of getting your server verified and maintaining your verified status on Discord. Good luck!

Tips and Tricks for Increasing Your Chances of Getting Verified

If you are looking to get your Discord server verified, there are a few tips and tricks that can increase your chances of success. Here are some of the most effective strategies to help you get your server verified:

Build a strong community: Discord verification is all about proving that your server is legitimate and has a strong community. Make sure to foster a welcoming and active community by engaging with your members and creating a positive environment.

Follow Discord’s guidelines: Make sure to review and follow Discord’s guidelines for server verification. This includes having a clear and complete server description, providing accurate contact information, and ensuring your server is appropriate for all ages.

Optimize Your Server for Verification

  • Use high-quality branding: When applying for verification, Discord looks at your server’s branding to determine its legitimacy. Make sure your server has high-quality graphics, logos, and banners that reflect your community’s values and identity.
  • Verify your server’s other social media accounts: Linking your server to other social media accounts can help establish its legitimacy. Make sure to link your server’s other social media accounts, such as Twitter or Instagram, to your Discord server.

Be Prepared for Verification

  • Have a plan for moderation: Discord requires verified servers to have a moderation plan in place. Make sure to have clear guidelines and rules for your moderators and a system for reporting inappropriate behavior.
  • Prepare your application carefully: The application process for server verification can be long and involved. Make sure to carefully review all of the requirements and guidelines and prepare a thorough application that meets all of the criteria.

By following these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of getting your Discord server verified. Remember to focus on building a strong community, following Discord’s guidelines, and optimizing your server for verification. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discord Server Verification?

Discord Server Verification is a process where Discord confirms your server as authentic and trustworthy. It helps prevent scams and frauds by marking your server as a legitimate one. Once verified, you will receive a Verified Badge on your server which will increase the credibility of your server.

How do I qualify for Discord Server Verification?

Discord has certain criteria that you need to meet before you can apply for server verification. These include having a server with more than 1000 members, having an active and engaged community, and adhering to Discord’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

What are some tips for increasing my chances of getting verified?

To increase your chances of getting verified, make sure your server is active and engaged with your community, and has a clear purpose and set of rules. Ensure that your server is free from spam, harassment, and NSFW content. You should also maintain a professional and positive attitude when communicating with Discord support during the verification process.

What happens if my application for verification is rejected?

If your application is rejected, Discord will provide feedback on why it was rejected. You can use this feedback to improve your server and reapply after a few weeks. It is important to note that rejection does not mean that your server is not valuable or credible, but that it may not meet the specific criteria for verification.

Is there any cost for server verification?

No, there is no cost for server verification. Discord offers this service for free to help ensure the safety and security of their users.

How long does the verification process take?

The verification process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. It depends on the volume of applications received and the complexity of the review process. Discord will keep you updated on the status of your application throughout the process.

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