Unveiling the Mysterious Working of Server Boosts on Discord

Are you a Discord user looking to boost your server’s reach and expand your audience? Then you might have heard about server boosts and how they can benefit your server. But how do server boosts work on Discord? The mechanism behind server boosting can seem mysterious to many users. However, once you understand the basics, you can boost your server to new heights.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of server boosts on Discord. We will explore the benefits of server boosts, how to boost a server on Discord, and the different tiers of server boosts. We will also discuss server boosting best practices and important things to keep in mind while boosting your server.

So, if you’re ready to unravel the mystery of server boosts and take your Discord server to the next level, keep reading.

Understand the Basics of Server Boosting

Discord has become an essential platform for gamers and online communities to communicate with one another. With the introduction of Server Boosts, Discord has taken things to the next level. So, what exactly are server boosts? In essence, a server boost is a way to enhance your Discord server’s capabilities and perks through the support of other users.

To put it simply, a server boost allows you to add certain features and perks to your server, making it more attractive and engaging to users. You can think of it as a virtual VIP membership that provides special access to certain aspects of your server. The more server boosts a server has, the more perks it unlocks.

Server boosting on Discord is not just a one-way street, however. Users who contribute to a server boost also benefit from certain advantages. For example, users who have contributed to a server boost get a special badge that shows up next to their name on the server. They also get access to certain perks that are not available to regular users.

It’s important to note that server boosts are not permanent, and they need to be renewed every month. This means that users who contribute to a server boost need to continue doing so to maintain their perks. Server owners can also use the boosts to create a sense of community and encourage their members to contribute to the server’s growth.

In summary, server boosting on Discord is an excellent way to enhance your server’s capabilities and provide special perks to your members. It’s a mutually beneficial system that rewards both the server owners and users who contribute to the boost. Now that you understand the basics of server boosting, let’s explore the benefits of using it in more detail.

What is Server Boosting on Discord?

If you’re an active member of a Discord community, you might have heard about server boosting. But what exactly is server boosting, and how does it work? In simple terms, server boosting is a feature that allows members of a Discord server to support it with additional perks and benefits. Server boosting involves using a special currency known as Discord Nitro to improve the server’s performance, appearance, and capabilities.

Boosting a server unlocks several exclusive features for members, such as enhanced audio quality, more emojis, custom server invites, and much more. Additionally, server boosts are an excellent way to show support to the server owner and the community as a whole. As a result, many servers use boosts as a way to reward their most active and loyal members.

Server boosting has three different tiers, each with its own set of benefits. Members can choose to boost the server at any tier they wish, and each boost provides the server with a certain number of benefits. In addition to the perks provided by each tier, servers that receive enough boosts can also unlock permanent benefits.

Server boosting on Discord has become an incredibly popular feature, and it has completely revolutionized the way communities are built and maintained. Whether you’re a server owner or a member, knowing the ins and outs of server boosting is essential to get the most out of the platform.

How Does Server Boosting Work on Discord?

Discord server boosting is a feature that allows members to support their favorite servers by contributing to their perks and benefits. When a server gets a boost, it receives a higher priority and is more visible to other users. Boosting also unlocks exclusive perks and features for the server owner and members.

The process of boosting a server is straightforward. Members can either purchase a server boost themselves or receive boosts from other members. Once a server gets enough boosts, it can reach a new tier with even more perks and benefits.

Server boosting works on a monthly subscription model. Members can purchase boosts for themselves or gift them to other members. Boosts come in different tiers, each with their own set of perks and benefits. The higher the tier, the more perks the server receives.

What are the Benefits of Boosting a Server on Discord?

If you’re an avid user of Discord, you’ve likely come across the concept of server boosting. But why do users go to the trouble of boosting their servers? The following are some of the benefits of boosting a server on Discord:

  1. Improved Audio Quality: Boosting a server can improve the audio quality for all users in the server. This can make a big difference for those who rely on Discord for voice chat during online gaming or other activities.
  2. Custom Server Emojis: With server boosting, you can unlock custom emojis for your server. This can add a fun and unique touch to your server and make it more enjoyable for your users.
  3. Increased Server Visibility: Boosting a server can help increase its visibility and attract more users. This is because boosted servers are listed higher in the server discovery feature, making them more visible to potential new members.
  4. Access to Boost-Only Features: Discord offers several features that are only available to boosted servers, such as animated server icons, custom splash art, and more.
  5. Increased Server Capacity: Boosting a server can increase its overall capacity, allowing more users to join and participate in the server.

Boosting a server on Discord can be a great way to improve the overall experience for both you and your users. But how exactly do you go about boosting a server? Keep reading to find out.

Explore the Benefits of Discord Server Boosts

Discord Server Boosts are a great way to enhance your server and take your Discord experience to the next level. Here are some of the top benefits of Discord Server Boosting:

Exclusive Perks: Boosting a server unlocks exclusive perks such as custom server banners, server emojis, and increased audio quality.

Improved Server Visibility: Boosting your server helps it stand out in the Discord server list and attract new members.

Increased Server Capacity: Server Boosting can increase the server’s overall capacity, allowing for more members, emojis, and server roles.

Community Recognition: Boosting a server is a great way to show your support for the community and gain recognition as a valuable member.

Nitro Rewards: When you boost a server, you also earn Nitro Rewards that can be used to upgrade your own Discord account.

Access to Exclusive Features

Discord server boosts can give you access to exclusive features that are not available to regular users. By boosting a server, you can unlock special perks that can enhance your Discord experience, such as higher-quality voice channels and server banners.

One of the biggest benefits of server boosting is the ability to increase the emoji limit on a server. Regular servers have a limit of 50 custom emojis, but boosted servers can have up to 100. This means that you can express yourself in more ways and add more personality to your messages.

Another exclusive feature that comes with server boosting is the ability to unlock animated server icons. This allows you to add some extra flair to your server and make it stand out from the rest. Plus, you can use these animated icons to add some personality to your server’s branding.

Server boosting also gives you the ability to customize your server’s invite background. This means that you can make your server invite look more professional and visually appealing, which can help attract more members.

Improved Server Quality

Enhanced Audio Quality: A boosted server can offer high-quality audio streaming with less latency and lag, which improves overall user experience.

Increased Upload Limit: With a server boost, users can upload files up to 100 MB, which is five times larger than the regular upload limit, resulting in faster and more efficient file sharing.

Better Customization: Boosted servers can enjoy an extensive range of customization options, such as customized splash screens and invite backgrounds, creating a more personalized experience for the community.

High-Quality Stickers and Emojis: A server boost provides access to over 250 high-quality stickers and emojis, allowing the community to express themselves better while chatting.

Increased Server Emoji Limit: Boosted servers can store up to 500 server emojis, which is ten times more than the standard limit, resulting in more diverse and personalized servers.

How to Boost a Server on Discord

Boosting a server on Discord is an easy process. To get started, you need to be a member of the server that you want to boost.

Step 1: Click on the server’s name in the left-hand column of your Discord home screen.

Step 2: Click on the server’s settings icon.

Step 3: Click on “Server Boost” from the options that appear.

Step 4: Select the server that you want to boost, choose the number of boosts that you want to contribute, and make the payment.

After following these steps, your server boost will be activated, and you will be able to enjoy the exclusive features and benefits that come with it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Boosting a Server on Discord

1Create a Welcoming Community15 minutes
2Encourage Engagement20 minutes
3Organize Your Server25 minutes

If you want to boost your Discord server, it’s essential to focus on creating a welcoming and engaging environment for your members. A well-organized server with active members is much more likely to attract new members and grow in popularity. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to boost your server and make it stand out from the crowd.

Step 1: Create a Welcoming Community. To create a welcoming community, it’s important to customize your server’s settings to make it feel inviting to newcomers. You can do this by setting up a server icon, server banner, and custom roles for your members. Additionally, you can create channels for introductions, rules, and announcements to help new members feel welcome and informed.

Step 2: Encourage Engagement. Once you’ve created a welcoming community, it’s important to encourage engagement among your members. You can do this by creating channels for different interests, hosting events and contests, and adding bots to your server to facilitate interaction. Additionally, you can create voice channels for members to chat and play games together, which can help to build stronger connections within your community.

Step 3: Organize Your Server. A well-organized server is essential for attracting new members and keeping your existing members engaged. You can do this by categorizing your channels and keeping your server tidy and easy to navigate. Additionally, you can use Discord’s moderation tools to enforce rules and keep your server a friendly and welcoming place for all members.

How to Check Your Boost Status on Discord?

Boost StatusDescriptionHow to check
Nitro BoostUsers with Nitro subscription can boost a server, providing various perks for the server and the user.Click on the server name -> Server Boost Status
Server BoostServer Boost is a feature available to Nitro users, enabling them to provide perks to the server and its members.Click on the server name -> Server Boost Status
Member BoostMember Boost is a feature available to Nitro users, allowing them to provide perks to a member of a server.Click on the user’s profile -> Boosting

If you’re a regular user or a Nitro subscriber, you may have boosted a server or a member of a server on Discord. Boosting is a great way to provide perks and benefits to yourself or other members on Discord. However, you may want to check your boost status to see if you’re currently boosting or if your boost has expired. Here’s how you can check your boost status:

  1. Open Discord and go to your server list.
  2. Click on the server you want to check your boost status for.
  3. Look for the Server Boost Status section on the right side of the screen.
  4. If you’re boosting the server, you’ll see your boost status, along with any perks you’re receiving for boosting the server.
  5. If your boost has expired, you’ll see a notification to boost the server again to regain your perks.
  6. If you’re not boosting the server, you’ll see an option to boost the server and receive perks.

Alternatively, if you want to check your boost status for a specific member of a server, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Open Discord and go to the server where the member is located.
  • Find the member in the member list or chat window.
  • Click on the member’s profile.
  • Look for the Boosting section in the member’s profile.
  • If the member is currently being boosted, you’ll see the boost status and any perks they’re receiving.
  • If the boost has expired, you’ll see a notification to boost the member again to regain their perks.

Checking your boost status on Discord is easy and can be done in just a few clicks. By checking your boost status, you can ensure that you’re receiving all the perks and benefits you’re entitled to for boosting a server or a member.

How to Claim Your Discord Server Boosts?

Discord servers are great for creating a community around your interests, but did you know that you can take it up a notch by boosting your server? When you boost a server, you unlock features like custom emojis, a server banner, and more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to claim your Discord server boosts in just a few easy steps.

  • Step 1: To claim your server boosts, you first need to make sure that you’re the server owner or have Manage Server permissions.
  • Step 2: Once you have the necessary permissions, head to your server’s settings by clicking on the server name.
  • Step 3: In the server settings, look for the Server Boost tab and click on it.
  • Step 4: Under the Server Boost tab, you’ll see a section labeled Boost Status. Here, you can see how many boosts your server currently has and how many more you need to unlock the next level.
  • Step 5: To claim your server boosts, click on the Claim Boosts button. You can also choose to purchase additional boosts if you want to unlock the next level faster.
  • Step 6: After claiming your server boosts, you’ll see a confirmation message letting you know that your server has been boosted. You’ll also be able to see the unlocked perks and customize them according to your liking.

Claiming your Discord server boosts is a simple process that can greatly enhance your server’s features and overall experience. Make sure to keep an eye on your boost status and claim your rewards when you have enough boosts. By following these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to creating an even better Discord community.

What are the Different Tiers of Server Boosts on Discord?

Discord offers server boosts to users who want to support their favorite servers and gain access to exclusive perks. There are three tiers of server boosts available, each with its own set of benefits.

The first tier is the Nitro Boost, which provides users with perks such as an exclusive role, an animated server icon, and the ability to stream at a higher quality.

The second tier is the Nitro Classic Boost, which provides users with all the same perks as the Nitro Boost tier, except for the ability to stream at a higher quality.

The third and final tier is the Server Boost tier, which provides users with perks such as a server banner, increased server emoji slots, and the ability to boost the server’s voice channel quality.

Each tier requires a certain number of boosts to unlock its perks. The Nitro Boost tier requires two boosts, the Nitro Classic Boost tier requires 15 boosts, and the Server Boost tier requires 30 boosts.

It’s important to note that boosts must be renewed every week to maintain their benefits. Additionally, only users with an active Nitro subscription can boost a server, so be sure to check your Nitro status before trying to boost a server.

The Tier 1 Server Boost

If you are considering boosting your server on Discord, Tier 1 is the first level you can reach. With a Tier 1 boost, you can add various benefits to your server, such as an animated server icon, a custom server invite background, and the ability to use your server’s custom emojis anywhere on Discord.

To earn a Tier 1 boost, you need two boosts from server members. Once you’ve earned them, you can activate your Tier 1 boost and receive all its benefits immediately. You can also choose to give away your two boosts to other servers to help them achieve their own Tier 1 boost.

Keep in mind that the Tier 1 boost is just the beginning, and there are still two more tiers to unlock with even more perks and advantages for your server.

The Tier 2 Server Boost

If you’re looking for a server that can handle more traffic and support higher bandwidth, a Tier 2 server may be the answer. Tier 2 servers are more robust than Tier 1 servers and provide additional resources to help your website perform at its best. With a Tier 2 server, you can experience faster load times, better uptime, and more control over your hosting environment. But what exactly makes a Tier 2 server different, and how can it benefit your business?

Firstly, a Tier 2 server typically includes more advanced hardware than a Tier 1 server. This means that the server can handle more complex tasks and support higher levels of traffic without slowing down. Additionally, a Tier 2 server may provide more bandwidth than a Tier 1 server, allowing your website to handle more requests simultaneously.

Another advantage of a Tier 2 server is greater flexibility and control over your hosting environment. With more resources at your disposal, you can customize your server settings to meet your specific needs, whether that means installing custom software, tweaking server configurations, or adjusting security settings. This level of control can help ensure that your website is optimized for peak performance and can handle any challenges that come its way.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, you’ll need a server that can keep up with demand. A Tier 2 server is designed to scale alongside your business, providing the resources you need to handle increased traffic and server demands.
  • Reliability: With more advanced hardware and better redundancy options, Tier 2 servers are more reliable than their Tier 1 counterparts. This means less downtime and more uptime for your website.
  • Customization: With greater control over your hosting environment, you can customize your Tier 2 server to meet your unique needs. Whether you need to install custom software, tweak server configurations, or adjust security settings, a Tier 2 server can give you the flexibility you need.
  • Performance: With more resources at your disposal, a Tier 2 server can provide faster load times and better overall performance for your website. This can lead to better user experiences and increased engagement with your content.
  • Security: Tier 2 servers typically offer more advanced security features than Tier 1 servers, such as firewalls, intrusion detection, and DDoS protection. This can help keep your website safe from cyber threats and attacks.
  • Support: With a Tier 2 server, you’ll typically have access to more advanced technical support options than with a Tier 1 server. This can be especially important if you’re not familiar with server administration and need expert assistance.

In conclusion, a Tier 2 server can be a smart choice if you’re looking for more advanced features and greater control over your hosting environment. Whether you’re running a small business website or a large e-commerce platform, a Tier 2 server can provide the resources and support you need to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

Server Boosting Best Practices on Discord

If you’re running a server on Discord, you’re probably familiar with server boosting. It’s a feature that allows your community to support your server and unlock additional perks. However, just like anything on Discord, there are best practices to follow to ensure that you’re making the most of the feature.

The first best practice when it comes to server boosting is to thank your boosters. These are the members of your community who are willing to put in extra effort and resources to support your server, so it’s important to show your appreciation. Consider creating a special role or channel for boosters, or even offering them exclusive perks.

Another best practice for server boosting is to offer valuable perks. While it’s important to thank your boosters, it’s equally important to provide them with benefits that make their boost worthwhile. Some popular perks include exclusive channels, custom roles, and priority access to features.

When it comes to server boosting, transparency is key. Make sure your community knows exactly how boosting works, what perks they can expect, and how the boost will benefit the server. Being upfront and honest will help build trust with your community and encourage more members to boost.

Consistency is another important factor when it comes to server boosting. Make sure you have a clear plan in place for how you will use the boosts, and stick to it. If your community knows exactly how their boost will benefit the server, they’ll be more likely to continue boosting in the future.

Finally, it’s important to promote server boosting in your community. Make sure your members know that boosting is an option, and why it’s important. Consider creating a special channel or announcement for boosting, or even running special events or giveaways for boosters.

Set Clear Objectives and Goals

Discord server boosting can be a powerful tool for growing your online community. However, without clear objectives and goals in place, it can be difficult to achieve the results you desire. Before starting your boosting efforts, take the time to define what you hope to accomplish. Are you looking to increase engagement? Drive sales? Expand your reach? Having a clear understanding of your objectives will help guide your actions and ensure that you’re making progress towards your goals.

When setting your objectives, make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, instead of simply saying you want to increase engagement, set a specific goal to increase the number of active users in your server by 20% within the next month. This will give you a clear target to work towards and help you stay focused on what matters most.

It’s also important to regularly evaluate your progress towards your objectives. Use analytics tools to track key metrics like member activity, engagement, and growth. This will help you determine what’s working and what’s not, and make adjustments as needed.

Remember, your objectives and goals should be flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Don’t be afraid to revise your goals as needed, and always keep your long-term vision in mind.

Encourage Server Members to Boost the Server

One of the most effective ways to increase server boosting is by encouraging your server members to do so. You can create a friendly and engaging environment where everyone feels encouraged to contribute. Rewarding members who boost the server can also incentivize them to do it more often.

You can also create a designated boosting channel where members can discuss server boosting and provide each other with tips and advice. Additionally, make sure to let your members know the benefits of boosting the server, such as unlocking exclusive perks and features.

Another way to encourage server boosting is by running special events that are only available to boosted servers. For example, you can hold exclusive giveaways or competitions that only members who have boosted the server can participate in. This can create a sense of exclusivity and motivate members to boost the server to gain access to these events.

Show Appreciation to the Server Boosters

One of the key factors in maintaining a thriving Discord server is to show appreciation to the members who boost the server. These individuals not only help to increase the server’s capabilities but also show their support for the community. By taking the time to recognize these boosters, you can encourage others to follow suit and boost the server as well.

There are several ways to show your appreciation to server boosters. One of the most effective ways is to create a dedicated channel or role specifically for them. This can be a great way to publicly recognize their contributions and show that you value their support. You can also consider offering exclusive perks or benefits to boosters, such as access to special channels or server features.

Another way to show appreciation is to acknowledge boosters on social media or other platforms. This can be a great way to showcase the support of your community and attract new members to your server. You can also consider hosting special events or giveaways for boosters as a way of saying thank you for their contributions.

Things to Keep in Mind while Boosting a Server on Discord

Discord server boosting is a great way to support your favorite servers and gain some benefits in return. However, it’s important to keep some key things in mind before you start boosting. Here are five important things to consider:

Choose the right server to boost: Before boosting a server, make sure it’s a server that you enjoy and want to support. It’s also important to check if the server has enough members to receive the benefits of boosting.

Choose the right time to boost: Boosting at the right time can make a big difference. If you want to help a server reach a certain milestone or goal, try to coordinate your boost with other members.

Consider the benefits: Server boosting can offer a range of benefits, from increased server perks to special recognition. Before boosting, consider what benefits you value the most and make sure they align with your reasons for boosting.

Don’t feel pressured to boost: Boosting is a voluntary action and you should never feel pressured to do so. Only boost if you want to and are able to do so.

Be mindful of your finances: Server boosting can be expensive, especially if you want to do it regularly. Before boosting, make sure it’s within your budget and won’t cause any financial strain.

Be Mindful of Your Budget

If you decide to boost a server on Discord, be mindful of your budget. While it can be tempting to purchase the highest-tier boost, make sure you are not spending more than you can afford.

Take the time to plan out your expenses and make sure you are allocating your funds wisely. Consider factors such as the size of your community, the benefits you want to receive, and how often you plan to boost.

It’s important to remember that boosting a server can be a valuable investment, but it’s not necessary to break the bank to do so. Keep your financial situation in mind and make the decision that’s best for you and your community.


In conclusion, server boosting is a great way to enhance your Discord server and make it stand out among others. It helps in providing better features to your members and enhances their experience while using the server.

By following the best practices mentioned above, you can make the most out of server boosting and achieve your desired goals.

Remember to always be mindful of your budget and to set clear objectives and goals before starting the process. Encourage your members to boost the server, and don’t forget to show appreciation to those who do so.

Overall, server boosting can be a game-changer for your Discord community. With the right approach, you can take your server to the next level and create a better experience for all members.

Thank you for reading, and happy server boosting!

Boost Your Server and Elevate Your Discord Experience Today

Now that you have a better understanding of server boosting on Discord, it’s time to put this knowledge into action. Remember to carefully consider your objectives and budget, and choose the boost level that best fits your needs. Don’t forget to promote your server and encourage your members to boost as well!

By following the best practices outlined in this guide, you can increase your server’s visibility and create a more engaging community on Discord. And don’t forget to show appreciation to your boosters by acknowledging their contributions and offering incentives to keep them motivated.

So what are you waiting for? Start boosting your server today and take your Discord experience to the next level!

Discord Server Boosts: A Game-Changer for Your Community

Discord Server Boosts are an incredibly useful tool for any community that wants to grow and thrive. They provide a way for members to support the server financially while also receiving special perks and rewards.

By using Server Boosts, you can create a more engaging and interactive community, which will keep your members coming back for more. Boosted servers can also attract new members, as they are more likely to stand out and be recommended by Discord’s algorithms.

Discord has made it easy to set up and manage Server Boosts, so even if you have no experience with this feature, you can quickly learn how to use it. And with the ability to track your progress and see how your boosts are affecting your community, you can make informed decisions about how to grow your server even further.

Overall, Discord Server Boosts are a game-changer for any community that wants to elevate their Discord experience. With the ability to offer special perks and rewards to boosters, attract new members, and create a more engaging community, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Server Boosting on Discord

Discord server boosting can greatly enhance your community and make it more engaging for members. By using server boosts, you can gain access to exclusive perks and features that can improve the overall user experience. Increased server capacity, high-quality audio and video streaming, and customized emotes and badges are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy.

Boosting your server can also attract more members to your community. With more perks and features, your server becomes more attractive to potential members. This can help you grow your community and reach new audiences. Engaging and interactive communities are more likely to retain members and attract new ones.

Moreover, server boosts can help your community stand out in a crowded Discord landscape. By taking advantage of server boosts, you can demonstrate your commitment to your community and create a unique experience for members. This can help you establish your community as a premier destination for members looking for engaging and high-quality communities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Server Boosts on Discord?

Server Boosts are a feature on Discord that allows users to enhance their servers’ functionalities by providing additional perks and features. They also help servers stand out in the Discord community, making them more visible to new members and attracting a larger audience. Server Boosts come in two categories: Tier 1 and Tier Tier 1 provides basic benefits, while Tier 2 offers more advanced perks.

How Do You Get Server Boosts on Discord?

To get server boosts on Discord, you must have a server and a Nitro subscription. A Nitro subscription allows you to access the feature and use it on your server. Additionally, other users can also use their Nitro subscriptions to boost your server, providing additional benefits to your community. The number of boosts you receive determines your server’s Tier, and you can accumulate more boosts to move up to the next tier.

What Are the Benefits of Server Boosts on Discord?

The benefits of server boosts on Discord depend on the Tier of your server. Tier 1 provides basic features like higher audio quality, larger file uploads, and customizable emojis. On the other hand, Tier 2 offers more advanced perks like a server banner, a vanity URL, and an animated server icon. These benefits help servers stand out in the Discord community and attract more members to the community.

How Do Server Boosts Affect a Discord Community?

Server boosts can have a significant impact on a Discord community by making it more visible and attracting new members. Additionally, server boosts can provide enhanced functionality and additional features, making the community more engaging and interactive. Server boosts can also create a sense of community among members, encouraging them to contribute more and participate in events.

How Can You Monitor Your Server Boosts on Discord?

You can monitor your server boosts on Discord by accessing the Server Boosts dashboard. The dashboard displays the current number of boosts your server has received, as well as the benefits and perks that come with each Tier. You can also see who has boosted your server and when they did it, allowing you to thank them and show your appreciation for their contribution.

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