What Is Boosting A Discord Server? A Complete Guide To Boosting

If you’re new to Discord, you might be wondering what boosting a server means. Boosting a Discord server is an excellent way to enhance your online community and engage with your audience. Whether you’re a gamer, a streamer, or you run an online business, boosting your server can give you an edge over your competitors. But what exactly is boosting, and how does it work?

In this complete guide to boosting a Discord server, we’ll cover everything you need to know about boosting, including why you should boost your server, how to boost your server, and the different levels of boosting. We’ll also explain how boosting works and the benefits of boosting your server, so you can decide whether boosting is right for you.

So, whether you’re looking to increase your server’s visibility, unlock new features, or build a stronger community, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about boosting a Discord server.

Why Should You Boost Your Discord Server?

Boosting your Discord server is a great way to improve its overall performance and reach. With more visibility, your server can attract a wider audience and provide a better experience for its members. Additionally, Discord server boosting comes with a variety of benefits that can make it worth the investment.

One key benefit of boosting your Discord server is improved server perks. When your server is boosted, it gains access to a variety of exclusive features that can enhance the overall user experience. These perks can include higher quality voice channels, better file upload limits, and more.

Another reason to consider boosting your Discord server is community recognition. Servers that are boosted are displayed prominently on Discord’s server discovery page, making it easier for users to find and join your server. This can lead to increased engagement, more active members, and a more vibrant community overall.

Finally, Discord server boosting can be a great way to support your favorite communities. By boosting a server, you’re helping to fund ongoing development, maintenance, and improvement of the community. This can be especially important for smaller servers that may not have the resources to grow and thrive on their own.

Increase Server Visibility

  1. Attract more users: Boosting your Discord server will increase your visibility and attract new users to your community. By increasing your server’s exposure, you can get more members and create a thriving community.

  2. Be discovered by potential members: Boosting your server makes it easier for potential members to find your community. Your server will be featured prominently in Discord’s server discovery section, making it more accessible to new members.

  3. Get a server banner: Boosting your server will give you a server banner that will be displayed at the top of your server, giving your community a more professional look and feel.

  4. Improve server ranking: Boosting your server can improve its ranking in search results, making it easier for people to find and join your community. By appearing higher in search results, you increase the likelihood of attracting new members.

Boosting your server is a great way to increase your community’s visibility and attract new members. By appearing in Discord’s server discovery section and improving your search ranking, you can get more users and create a thriving community.

Unlock Server Features

  • Custom Emojis: Discord servers that have been boosted can access more custom emojis than non-boosted servers. This allows for more unique and creative ways for members to express themselves.
  • Higher Audio Quality: Boosting your server also increases the quality of your voice channels. This is especially important for servers that host music or podcast events.
  • Animated Server Icon: With a boosted server, you can make your server more visually appealing by adding an animated server icon. This is a great way to make your server stand out.
  • Server Banner: A boosted server can also have a server banner that displays at the top of the server. This is a great way to show off your server’s brand and identity.

Boosting your Discord server can provide a variety of benefits, including unlocking unique features that can enhance your community. By accessing these features, your server can become more visually appealing and engaging for your members. In the next section, we’ll explore how you can boost your server and the steps you need to take to do so.

Attract More Members

  • Growth: Boosting your Discord server helps to increase its visibility, which can attract new members to join and help grow your community.
  • Customization: With server boosting, you can unlock various customization options like server banner, invite splash screen, and emoji slots, which can make your server more appealing to potential members.
  • Verification: Boosting your server to level 1 or higher provides your server with a verified badge, which can add credibility and legitimacy to your server, making it more attractive to potential members.
  • Network: When you boost your server, you can connect with other server owners who have also boosted their servers, which can help you form new relationships and partnerships that can attract more members to your community.

By attracting more members to your server, you can increase activity, generate more conversations, and create a more vibrant community.

How To Boost Your Discord Server?

Boosting a Discord server requires a few steps to get started. First, you need to have a server that meets the requirements to be boosted. Then, you’ll need Nitro to boost the server. Here are three steps to follow to get started with boosting your Discord server:

Step 1: Check that your server meets the requirements to be boosted. Your server must have at least level 1 perks, 15 server boosts, and be in good standing with Discord’s Community Guidelines.

Step 2: Purchase Nitro. Nitro is required to boost a server. There are two types of Nitro: Nitro Classic and Nitro. Nitro Classic costs $4.99 per month, while Nitro costs $9.99 per month.

Step 3: Boost your server. Once you have Nitro, you can boost your server by clicking the “Server Boost” icon next to your server name. Choose the number of boosts you want to use and confirm the transaction. Your server will then receive the benefits of the boost.

Using Server Boosts

One of the most effective ways to boost your Discord server is by using Server Boosts. This feature allows server members to contribute towards increasing the server’s level, which in turn unlocks various perks and benefits.

To use Server Boosts, simply navigate to your server’s settings and click on the “Server Boost” tab. From there, you can select the boost level you want and purchase it using your preferred payment method. Once you’ve boosted your server, you’ll start to see the benefits immediately.

It’s worth noting that Server Boosts are not permanent and last for only 7 days. You can choose to boost your server again once the boost expires or wait for other members to boost it.

Encouraging Members To Boost

Benefits of BoostingHow to BoostBoosting Tips
Increase Visibility: By boosting a post, you increase its visibility and ensure that more members see it.Choose Wisely: Carefully select the post you want to boost. Choose a post that is relevant, interesting, and engaging.Target Audience: Choose the right audience for your boosted post. Target members based on their interests, demographics, and location.
Generate Leads: Boosted posts can help generate leads for your business or organization. By increasing visibility, you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of getting new leads.Set a Budget: Decide on a budget for your boosted post. Start small and gradually increase your budget as you see results.Eye-catching Graphics: Use eye-catching graphics to make your boosted post stand out. Choose images or videos that are relevant to your post and will catch the attention of your target audience.
Drive Engagement: Boosted posts can help drive engagement and increase your reach. By increasing your post’s visibility, you increase your chances of getting likes, comments, and shares.Monitor Results: Keep an eye on the results of your boosted post. Track engagement, leads generated, and other metrics to see what works and what doesn’t.Call-to-Action: Include a call-to-action in your boosted post. Encourage members to take a specific action, such as visiting your website or signing up for your newsletter.

Boosting your posts is a great way to increase visibility, generate leads, and drive engagement. By following these simple tips and tricks, you can boost your posts effectively and reach your target audience.

Collaborating With Other Servers

Collaborating with other servers can be a great way to expand your resources and capabilities. When you collaborate with other servers, you can share bandwidth, storage, and processing power. This means you can handle more traffic, store more data, and run more applications. However, to collaborate effectively, you need to establish a secure and reliable connection between your servers.

The first step in collaborating with other servers is to find a suitable partner. You should look for a server that complements your own server’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, if your server has a lot of processing power but limited storage, you might want to collaborate with a server that has lots of storage but limited processing power. Once you have found a suitable partner, you need to establish a connection between your servers.

There are several ways to connect servers, including virtual private networks (VPNs), direct connections, and cloud-based connections. VPNs are a popular choice because they provide a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. Direct connections involve physically connecting your servers using a private network. Cloud-based connections involve using a third-party service to connect your servers over the internet.

  • Set up a secure connection using a VPN or other connection method
  • Establish protocols for sharing resources, such as bandwidth and storage
  • Ensure that your servers are compatible and can communicate effectively
  • Establish procedures for monitoring and maintaining the connection

When collaborating with other servers, it is important to establish clear protocols for sharing resources. This can include bandwidth throttling, which limits the amount of bandwidth each server can use to prevent one server from overwhelming the other. You should also establish procedures for monitoring and maintaining the connection to ensure that it remains secure and reliable.

Server 1Server 2
Bandwidth100 Mbps50 Mbps
Storage1 TB2 TB
Processing Power8 cores4 cores
Connection TypeVPNDirect

Collaborating with other servers can be a great way to expand your capabilities and resources, but it requires careful planning and execution. By following best practices for establishing connections, sharing resources, and monitoring and maintaining the connection, you can ensure a successful collaboration with another server.

What Are The Benefits Of Boosting A Discord Server?

Boosting a Discord server can provide a variety of benefits for both the server owner and members. Firstly, it unlocks access to server perks such as custom emojis, server banners, and better audio quality for voice channels. These perks can help make the server feel more professional and enjoyable to be a part of.

Secondly, when a server is boosted, it gains a higher visibility in the Discord server directory. This means that more people will be able to find and join the server, potentially increasing its popularity and activity level. Additionally, boosted servers are given a unique vanity URL, making it easier to share and promote the server.

Lastly, boosting a server can also provide a sense of community and belonging for members. Boosting a server shows a level of commitment and dedication to the community, and can create a positive and supportive atmosphere. Members may feel more invested in the server and its success, leading to more engagement and participation.

Improved Audio Quality

Discord is a popular communication platform that is widely used by gamers and communities alike. One of the standout features of Discord is its high-quality voice chat, which is essential for online gaming and group discussions. When a server is boosted, the audio quality is further improved, creating an even better experience for users.

Boosted servers have access to a higher bitrate, which refers to the amount of data transferred per second during a voice chat. This means that the sound quality is much clearer, and there is less distortion or background noise. The difference in quality is noticeable, especially for users who frequently use voice chat.

In addition to a higher bitrate, boosted servers also have access to noise suppression and echo cancellation features. These features help to reduce unwanted background noise and echo during voice chat, making it easier to hear and communicate with other users. This can be particularly useful in larger groups or noisy environments.

Another advantage of improved audio quality is that it can help to create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for users. High-quality audio can make it feel like you are really in the same room as other users, enhancing the sense of presence and social interaction. This can be especially important for online gaming, where clear communication and teamwork are essential.

How Does Discord Server Boosting Work?

Discord Server Boosting is a process where server members contribute to improving the server’s features and unlocking benefits for everyone in the server. Boosting is done by purchasing Discord Nitro, a premium subscription service, and using Nitro Boosts on a server of their choice.

When a member uses their Nitro Boost, they provide the server with a boost level. Each boost level unlocks various benefits such as higher quality voice channels, custom server banners, and more. The benefits stack, so the more boosts a server receives, the more benefits it unlocks.

It’s important to note that Nitro Boosts are not permanent. Boosts last for a set period of time depending on the number of boosts the server has received. To maintain the benefits, the server needs to continue receiving boosts.

Boosting provides a sense of community involvement and recognition for contributing to a server’s success. Boosting can also attract new members to a server as the benefits make the server more appealing.

To encourage boosting, some servers offer incentives such as special roles, exclusive channels, or giveaways to members who boost the server. This creates a win-win situation for both the server owner and the members.

Server Boosting Requirements

If you’re interested in boosting a server on Discord, there are a few requirements you should know before getting started.

First, you need to have a Discord account. This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless. Without an account, you won’t be able to access the server boosting feature.

Second, you need to have a server that is eligible for boosting. Not all servers can be boosted, and there are specific requirements that must be met in order to unlock this feature. For example, your server must have a certain number of members and a level of activity to be eligible for boosting.

Third, you need to have Discord Nitro in order to boost a server. Nitro is Discord’s premium subscription service, which provides a range of additional features and benefits, including server boosting.

Fourth, you need to have a payment method on file with Discord. Server boosting is not free, and you’ll need to pay for each boost you give to a server. Discord accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and more.

Boosting a server on Discord can be a great way to support a community you care about and gain access to some exclusive perks and benefits. Just be sure to meet the requirements and understand how the system works before diving in.

Boosting Duration And Benefits

Boosting Duration: Once a server has been boosted, the boost lasts for a period of one month. However, server owners can extend this period by boosting their server again before the current boost expires. This means that if a server is continuously boosted, it can enjoy the benefits of boosting indefinitely.

Boosting Benefits: Discord offers several benefits to servers that have been boosted. Firstly, boosted servers receive a special badge that shows up next to their name, which can help them stand out in the server directory. Additionally, boosted servers get access to a range of features, such as the ability to upload higher quality stickers, custom server invites, and even more emoji slots.

Boosting Tiers: There are two tiers of server boosting available on Discord: Tier 1 and Tier Tier 1 boosts provide servers with additional perks, such as an extra 50 emoji slots, while Tier 2 boosts offer even more benefits, such as the ability to stream at 1080p 60fps. To unlock Tier 2, a server must have already unlocked Tier 1 and receive at least two additional Tier 1 boosts.

Boosting Other Servers: Boosting other servers is another way to support the community and get some benefits in return. When a user boosts someone else’s server, they receive perks such as a special badge that shows up on their profile and exclusive emoji. Additionally, users who boost others’ servers also receive a higher server boosting level, which can unlock more perks for their own server.

Boosting History And Analytics

Discord keeps track of all the servers that you have boosted and for how long. You can see your server boosting history by clicking on your user settings and selecting the “Boosting” tab. This feature allows you to keep track of the servers you’ve supported in the past.

In addition to the boosting history, Discord also provides detailed analytics for boosted servers. Server owners can see how many boosts they’ve received, the boost level of their server, and the benefits that come with each level. This information helps server owners understand how their community is growing and how they can improve their server even more.

Boosting a server not only benefits the server but also benefits the booster. Boosters receive special badges that indicate how many servers they’ve supported, and they can display these badges on their profiles. Additionally, they can access exclusive features like animated server icons, custom emojis, and more.

Overall, Discord server boosting is a great way to show your support for your favorite communities and gain access to exclusive features. It’s a win-win situation for both the server owner and the booster, and it helps build a stronger and more supportive community.

What Are The Different Levels Of Boosting A Discord Server?

Level 0 Boost: A server with no active server boosts.

Level 1 Boost: A server with at least one active server boost. This unlocks various features such as custom server invite backgrounds, more emoji slots, and higher-quality voice chat.

Level 2 Boost: A server with at least 15 active server boosts. This unlocks even more features such as a banner on the server profile, boosted bitrate for voice channels, and the ability to use animated server icons.

Level 3 Boost: A server with at least 30 active server boosts. This is the highest level of server boosting and unlocks the most benefits, such as a special vanity URL invite, increased upload limit for non-nitro members, and a special badge for the server owner.

Boosting Duration: Each boost lasts for one month, after which the boosters can renew their boost or choose to boost a different server.

Level 1

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Another way to boost your skill level is to find a mentor or teacher who can guide you and offer feedback. This can help you avoid common mistakes and accelerate your learning. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Level 2

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Level 3

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What Are The Perks Of Boosting A Discord Server?

Discord is a popular platform for online communities and gaming groups. One of the features that sets it apart from other communication tools is the ability to boost a server. Boosting a server gives it additional perks and benefits that can make your experience on Discord even better.

One of the biggest perks of boosting a server is getting access to exclusive features. These can include custom emojis, a higher upload limit for files and images, and even the ability to stream at a higher quality. These features can help you stand out from other servers and create a more engaging experience for your members.

Another benefit of boosting a server is getting recognition for your contribution. When you boost a server, your profile will display a badge that shows your support. This can help you build your reputation in the community and attract new members to your own server or community.

Custom Emojis

Custom emojis are one of the most popular benefits of boosting a server. With a boosted server, you can create and upload your own custom emojis for members to use in your server. This is a great way to personalize your community and make it stand out from others.

Custom emojis can also help you communicate more effectively with your members. You can create emojis that represent common reactions, phrases, or even inside jokes within your community. This can help you build a stronger connection with your members and make them feel more involved in your server.

Another advantage of custom emojis is that they can help your community become more recognizable. If your server has unique and memorable emojis, members are more likely to use them outside of your server, such as in other communities or even in real life conversations. This can help you build a stronger brand and reputation within the larger Discord community.

Finally, custom emojis can be a fun and creative way to express yourself and your personality. Whether you’re creating emojis based on your favorite TV show, movie, or game, or just expressing your own unique style, custom emojis can help you stand out and make your server a more enjoyable place for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does boosting a Discord server work?

Boosting a Discord server is a feature that allows server owners and members to improve the server’s perks, such as increased server level and custom emojis, by paying with real money or Discord Nitro. Boosting a server can increase its visibility and attract more users, but the exact benefits depend on the level of boosting and the number of boosts a server receives.

What are the different perks of boosting a Discord server?

Boosting a Discord server can provide a range of perks, such as increased server level, improved audio quality, custom emojis, and more. Higher server levels can unlock additional server features, such as server banners and animated server icons. Custom emojis can also be created and used exclusively by boosted servers. The specific perks and benefits vary depending on the number of boosts a server receives.

What are the requirements for boosting a Discord server?

To boost a Discord server, you must have an active subscription to Discord Nitro, which allows you to boost one server for free. Alternatively, you can pay with real money to boost a server. Server owners can also offer perks to members who boost their server, such as access to exclusive channels or roles.

What are the benefits of boosting someone else’s Discord server?

Boosting someone else’s Discord server can be a way to support a community or show appreciation for a server owner. Boosting a server can also give you access to exclusive perks and benefits, such as custom emojis or boosted server level. Additionally, boosting a server can improve its visibility and attract more users, which can benefit the entire community.

What are the differences between server boosting and Nitro boosting?

Server boosting is a feature that allows users to improve a specific Discord server’s perks by paying with real money or Discord Nitro. Nitro boosting, on the other hand, allows users to unlock additional features across multiple servers, such as higher upload limits and custom emotes. Additionally, Nitro boosting grants users the ability to use animated emojis and a badge that shows their Nitro status.

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