How to Add a Discord Server Banner on Mobile: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to add a Discord server banner on mobile. As the popularity of Discord grows, so does the importance of making your server stand out from the crowd. A custom banner is an easy way to do just that, but the process can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re trying to do it from your mobile device.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating and adding a server banner on both desktop and mobile. We’ll also provide you with some great examples of server banners to give you some inspiration for your own design.

So whether you’re a seasoned Discord user or just getting started, keep reading to learn how to make your server stand out with a custom banner!

Why Discord Server Banners Matter

Discord server banners are one of the most important elements of your server. When a user first enters your server, the banner is the first thing they see. It can tell them what your server is about, and give them a glimpse of your server’s personality. This is why having a well-designed banner is crucial.

One of the key benefits of having a great banner is that it can attract new members. When potential members are browsing through servers, they are more likely to join one that looks professional and visually appealing. A great banner can make your server stand out from the crowd.

Beyond simply attracting new members, a well-designed banner can also help with member retention. It can create a sense of community and make your server feel more welcoming. When members feel like they belong to a community, they are more likely to stick around and participate in the conversations.

Another important factor to consider is branding. Your banner should represent your server’s brand and identity. It should be consistent with your server’s name, description, and overall theme. This will help your server look more professional and establish your brand in the eyes of your members.

Finally, a great banner can also set the tone for your server. It can give your members a sense of what to expect from the conversations and interactions within the server. Whether you’re running a gaming server, a community server, or a server for a specific interest group, your banner can help create the right atmosphere.

Overall, having a high-quality banner is essential for creating a successful Discord server. In the following sections, we’ll show you how to create and add your banner, as well as provide some examples of great banners to inspire you.

Branding Your Server

  1. Create a consistent look: Use your server banner to showcase your brand’s colors, fonts, and logo to make your server recognizable to your audience. This will help you stand out from other servers and create a memorable experience for your users.

  2. Add branding elements: In addition to your brand’s colors and logo, consider adding other visual elements that align with your brand’s personality and values. For example, if your brand is known for being playful, consider using fun illustrations or icons in your banner.

  3. Stay on-brand: Make sure your server banner is consistent with your brand’s tone and messaging. If your brand is serious and professional, a playful banner may not be the best fit. Stay true to your brand and use your banner as a way to reinforce your brand’s identity.

Creating a branded server is essential to building a community that is engaged and loyal to your brand. Use your server banner as an opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique personality and values, and your users will appreciate the effort you put into creating a memorable experience for them.

Creating a Banner for Your Discord Server

If you’re wondering how to make a Discord server banner, the good news is that it’s relatively easy. Here are the steps to create a banner:

Step 1: First, decide on the dimensions of your banner. The recommended size is 1920 x 480 pixels, but you can choose your own dimensions if you prefer.

Step 2: Open your preferred image editor, such as Photoshop, and create a new file with the dimensions you chose. Then, design your banner to match your server’s theme or style. Remember to keep it simple, eye-catching, and reflective of your server’s purpose.

Step 3: Once you have your banner designed, save it as a PNG or JPG file. Make sure the file is under 1 MB in size, or Discord won’t let you upload it as a server banner.

Step 4: Finally, upload your banner to your server by going to Server Settings > Overview > Server Banner. Click the “Upload” button, select your file, and you’re done!

Decide on a Theme

When creating a banner for your Discord server, it’s important to have a theme in mind. The theme should be relevant to your server’s content and vibe. Choose colors and images that represent the purpose of your server.

Consider your audience when deciding on a theme. If your server is targeted towards gamers, you may want to go with a more bold and edgy look. If your server is focused on a more mature audience, you may want to choose a more sophisticated and sleek look.

Once you have a theme in mind, start brainstorming ideas for images and text that will fit with the theme. Think about what will catch people’s attention and make them want to join your server.

Keep in mind that your banner is a representation of your server, so make sure it’s high-quality and well-designed. If you’re not confident in your design skills, consider hiring a graphic designer to create a banner for you.

Design the Banner

Now that you have a theme in mind, it’s time to start designing your banner. Here are some tips to help you create an eye-catching banner:

  • Keep it simple: A cluttered banner can be overwhelming, so keep it simple and easy to read.
  • Use contrasting colors: Use colors that complement each other to make your banner stand out.
  • Include your server name: Make sure your server name is clearly visible on the banner.

Once you have a design you’re happy with, save the image to your device so you can upload it to Discord.

Remember, your banner is a representation of your server, so take your time and make sure it looks professional and visually appealing.

Adding Your Banner on Desktop

Step 1: Open Discord and navigate to your server.

Step 2: Click on the server’s name at the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Click on “Overview” from the left-hand menu.

Step 5: Click on the “Server Banner” option and select “Upload Banner” to add your image.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your new banner will be displayed on your server’s overview page.

Accessing Server Settings

  1. Accessing server settings is a crucial step when managing your website. First, you need to log in to your hosting account and navigate to the server settings section.

  2. Once you are in the server settings section, you can configure various settings such as PHP version, email settings, and database access. It’s important to have a basic understanding of these settings to ensure that your website runs smoothly.

  3. One important setting you might need to adjust is the file permissions. File permissions determine who can access, modify, or execute files on your server. Incorrect file permissions can leave your website vulnerable to security breaches, so make sure you set them up correctly.

Overall, accessing server settings can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to ensure the smooth functioning of your website. Make sure you take the time to understand the settings and adjust them accordingly.

PHP versionThe version of PHP running on your server.PHP 7.4
Email settingsConfiguration for sending and receiving emails.SMTP server, email forwarding
Database accessCredentials and settings for connecting to your database.Database username, password, host

Keep in mind that server settings may vary depending on your hosting provider and the type of server you are using. Make sure you consult your hosting documentation for specific instructions on accessing and configuring your server settings.

Uploading Your Banner

Creating a visually appealing website is essential in attracting more visitors. One way to achieve this is by using a stunning banner. Here’s how you can upload your banner:
  • Select the right banner size: Before uploading your banner, make sure it’s the right size. Check the recommended banner size for your website’s template.
  • Choose a high-quality image: Your banner should be of high-quality and resolution. A pixelated or blurry image can be unappealing and turn visitors off.
  • Save your banner in the right format: Common banner formats include JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Choose the format that best suits your website’s design and aesthetic.

Now that you have your banner ready, it’s time to upload it:

Step 1Select “Settings”In your website’s dashboard, click on “Settings”.
Step 2Click on “Banner”Under “Settings”, click on “Banner”.
Step 3Upload your bannerClick on “Upload” and select the banner file from your device’s storage.
Step 4Save changesAfter uploading your banner, don’t forget to click “Save” to apply the changes.
Step 5Preview your websiteTake a look at your website’s homepage and see how the banner looks. Make adjustments if necessary.

That’s it! Your stunning banner is now uploaded and ready to grab your visitors’ attention.

Adjusting Banner Settings

If you’re looking to customize your website’s banner, it’s important to know how to adjust the settings. One way to do this is by using the built-in tools provided by your website hosting service. This will allow you to make changes to the size, style, and placement of your banner without any coding experience.

Another option is to modify the banner settings manually. This can be done by accessing the HTML or CSS code of your website and making changes to the code. If you’re not comfortable working with code, it’s best to seek the help of a professional developer to make these changes for you.

When adjusting the banner settings, it’s important to keep in mind the overall design and layout of your website. Make sure the banner size and placement doesn’t overwhelm the other elements of your website. It’s also important to make sure the banner is optimized for all devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Additionally, consider the visual impact of your banner. The colors, font, and images used should be consistent with your website’s branding and overall style. Bold and bright colors can be effective, but make sure they’re not too distracting or difficult to read.

Adding Your Banner on Mobile

Adding a banner to your website is a great way to showcase your brand or product. However, it’s important to make sure your banner looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. Here are some tips for adding your banner on mobile:

Use a Responsive Design: Make sure your website is built with a responsive design, so it adjusts to fit different screen sizes. This ensures your banner looks great on any device.

Choose the Right Size: Consider the size of your banner and how it will appear on a smaller mobile screen. A banner that is too large or too small can impact the user experience. Aim for a size that is easy to read and complements the overall design of your website.

Optimize for Mobile: Ensure that your banner is optimized for mobile devices. This means reducing file size for faster load times, using the right file format, and compressing images to reduce data usage.

Position Your Banner Strategically: Place your banner in a strategic position that is easily visible on a mobile screen. Consider the flow of your website and ensure your banner is placed where it will have the most impact.

Test on Different Devices: Always test your banner on different mobile devices to ensure it looks great and is easy to read. Make any necessary adjustments to improve the user experience.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your banner looks great on mobile devices and provides a positive user experience for your website visitors.

Accessing Server Settings

Accessing the server settings can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to web development. To start, navigate to your web hosting control panel and log in to your account. The process of logging in may differ depending on your web host, but usually, you’ll need to enter your username and password. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a dashboard with various options, including the server settings.

To access the server settings, click on the Server Settings tab in your control panel. This tab is usually located under the Advanced Settings section. Once you click on it, you’ll be taken to a page that displays all the server settings you can modify. Depending on your web host, you may have access to different settings.

Before you make any changes to the server settings, it’s essential to understand what each setting does. Make sure to read the descriptions carefully before modifying any settings. Also, keep in mind that changing certain settings can have unintended consequences and cause your website to malfunction. Always proceed with caution when making changes to server settings.

Uploading Your Banner

Uploading your banner on your website is a great way to make your website visually appealing to visitors. To do this, first, make sure that your banner is in the correct file format. Most commonly, the file format should be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Once your banner is in the right file format, you can then upload it to your website’s server.

There are several ways to upload your banner. You can use an FTP client, which stands for File Transfer Protocol. An FTP client allows you to transfer files between your computer and your website’s server. If you are not familiar with FTP clients, you can also upload your banner through your website’s Content Management System (CMS). Most CMS have a section dedicated to uploading and managing images.

After uploading your banner, it’s important to optimize it. Optimizing your banner means reducing the file size of the image while maintaining its quality. Large image files can slow down your website, and this can negatively impact your website’s performance. There are several online tools you can use to optimize your images, such as TinyPNG, Optimizilla, and These tools compress your image files without losing quality.

What to Do If Your Banner Doesn’t Appear

If you have uploaded your banner but it isn’t showing up on your website, don’t panic. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

Check your server settings: Make sure that your server is configured to display banners and that the file path is correct. You can also check the file permissions to ensure that they are set correctly.

Check the banner file: Verify that your banner file is in the correct format and that it meets the size requirements specified by your website. Also, check that the file name and extension are correct.

Clear your browser cache: Sometimes, your browser may have cached an old version of your website, which could cause the banner not to display. Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the page.

Contact customer support: If you have tried all the above steps and your banner still isn’t showing up, it may be an issue with your website or server. Contact your website host or customer support team for further assistance.

Consider using a different banner: If all else fails, you may want to consider using a different banner. Sometimes, certain banners may not be compatible with certain websites or servers, so try using a different banner to see if it resolves the issue.

Remember, there can be various reasons why your banner isn’t appearing on your website, but don’t worry, these steps should help you resolve most issues.

Check Your File Size

Firstly, check the size of your banner image file. Most web servers have a limit on the maximum file size that can be uploaded. If your file is too large, it may not upload properly and could cause your banner not to appear.

Secondly, make sure that the file format is compatible with the web server. The most commonly supported formats are JPEG, PNG, and GIF. If your file is in a different format, try converting it to one of these formats.

Thirdly, check that the file has been uploaded to the correct location on the server. Sometimes, files can be uploaded to the wrong folder or directory, which can cause them not to display on the website.

Finally, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. Sometimes, browser caches can prevent new banner images from loading. Clearing the cache will force the browser to reload the page and display the updated banner image.

Check Your File Type

If your banner is not appearing, it could be due to the file type. Make sure that you have uploaded a file type that is supported by the server. Most servers support JPEG and PNG file types. If your file is in a different format, you may need to convert it before uploading.

It is also important to check the file extension before uploading. Sometimes, the extension may not match the actual file type. To check the extension on a Windows computer, right-click on the file and select Properties. On a Mac, select the file and press Command + I.

If the file type and extension are correct, try uploading the image again. It is possible that the file was corrupted during the upload process.

Finally, if you are still having issues with the file type, reach out to the server support team. They can help you troubleshoot any issues and ensure that your file is in the correct format.

How to Edit Your Banner

If you want to make changes to your banner, the process is simple. First, go to the banner settings and click on the Edit Banner button. This will allow you to upload a new banner or edit the existing one.

Once you have selected a new banner, you can use the crop tool to adjust the size and placement of your image. Make sure to select the appropriate dimensions for your banner to ensure it displays properly on your website.

Finally, you can use the banner editor to add text, graphics, or other elements to your banner. This can be a great way to highlight promotions or new products on your website.

Accessing Server Settings

Login: To access your server settings, log in to your account on the hosting provider’s website.

Control Panel: Once you are logged in, navigate to the control panel for your server.

Banner Settings: Look for the banner settings section in the control panel to make changes to your banner.

Changing Banner Settings

If you want to modify the appearance of your banner, you can do so by accessing the banner settings. Look for the banner settings tab in your server settings, and click on it to make changes.

From there, you can customize the size, position, and animation of your banner. You can also adjust the opacity and color of your banner to make it match your server’s theme.

Keep in mind that not all servers will allow you to change banner settings. If you’re unable to access the banner settings, it’s possible that the server owner has restricted access to this feature.

Once you’ve made the changes you want, be sure to save your settings before exiting. Your new banner settings should now be visible in your server.

Replacing Your Banner

If you want to replace your current banner with a new one, you can easily do so by following these steps:

Step 1: Access your website’s control panel and navigate to the banner settings.

Step 2: Look for an option to upload a new banner image, and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the new banner image you want to use from your computer or other device.

Step 4: Adjust any necessary settings, such as size or placement, and save your changes.

It’s important to keep in mind that replacing your banner will remove the old one, so be sure to save a copy of it if you want to use it again in the future.

Examples of Great Discord Server Banners

If you’re looking for inspiration for your server banner, there are plenty of examples out there to get you started. One thing to keep in mind is that your banner should be visually appealing and representative of your server’s theme or purpose.

For a gaming server, you might consider using bold, dynamic graphics that feature your favorite game characters or environments. Alternatively, if your server is focused on a specific interest or topic, such as music or art, you might choose a banner that incorporates imagery related to that subject.

Another approach is to use simple, minimalist designs that emphasize your server’s name or logo. This can be especially effective if your server’s name is unique or memorable, as it will help your server stand out from the crowd.

Gaming Community

If you’re running a gaming server, you’ll want a banner that reflects the spirit of your community. Gaming servers often have banners that showcase the game they’re playing or a character from the game. You can also use images of gamers playing together or use gaming-related text and fonts.

Another option is to create a banner that highlights your server’s rules, events, and game modes. Make sure to choose colors that are eye-catching but not too distracting. A well-designed banner can help attract new members and make your server feel more welcoming.

Examples of great banners for gaming servers include banners that incorporate popular game themes, have custom illustrations, or showcase the gaming community in action. Make sure your banner is unique and stands out from the crowd. With a little creativity and some design know-how, you can create a banner that captures the essence of your gaming community.

Art and Design Community

If you run an art or design-focused Discord server, your banner should reflect the creativity and passion of your community. Consider using bold and bright colors, abstract shapes, or images of your members’ artwork.

A great example of a banner for an art and design community would be one that showcases a variety of different art styles, mediums, and techniques. You might also include some information about your community, such as the types of artists you welcome or any ongoing projects you’re working on.

Remember that your banner is often the first thing people will see when they visit your server, so it’s essential to make a strong impression. With the right combination of color, imagery, and messaging, you can create a banner that inspires and excites your members.

Some additional elements you might want to include in your banner for an art and design community could be references to famous artists or art movements, a color palette that reflects your community’s aesthetic, or even a call to action encouraging people to join your server and share their work.

Social Group

Community-focused banner: For a social group, a banner that highlights community and inclusivity is ideal. Use bright, welcoming colors and include imagery of people gathering or participating in group activities.

Event promotion: If your social group frequently hosts events, consider using your banner to promote upcoming gatherings. Include the date, time, and location of the event and use eye-catching graphics to grab attention.

Brand reinforcement: If your social group has a recognizable brand or logo, be sure to incorporate it into your banner. This will help reinforce your group’s identity and make it easier for members to recognize your content as they scroll through their Discord channels.

Personalization: Since social groups are often focused on building relationships and connections, consider adding personalized touches to your banner. This could include photos of members, quotes, or even inside jokes that are relevant to your group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discord Server Banner?

A Discord Server Banner is an image that appears at the top of your Discord server. It helps you to customize your server and make it more recognizable to your members.

Can You Add a Server Banner on Mobile?

Yes, you can add a server banner on mobile. Discord’s mobile app allows you to upload and edit your server banner from your phone or tablet.

What are the Recommended Dimensions for a Discord Server Banner on Mobile?

The recommended dimensions for a Discord server banner on mobile are 640×360 pixels. It’s important to use an image that fits these dimensions to avoid distortion or cropping.

What are the Supported File Types for Discord Server Banners on Mobile?

Discord supports the following file types for server banners on mobile: JPG, PNG, and GIF. When uploading your banner, make sure it is in one of these file formats.

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